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Name: Shenzhen Airlines
Fleet size: 205

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B-10167880Airbus A319 133SLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-10171829Airbus A330 343EFlying as CSZ9013
B-10361839Airbus A330 343EAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-10721867Airbus A330 343EAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-114661135Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-116061136Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-137661123Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-137761134Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-147561126Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-147661117Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-147761119Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZGNN (Nanning)
B-147861127Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-147961128Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-151637627Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-151737626Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-151840827Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-151940828Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-16016197Airbus A320 232At ZSQZ (Quanzhou)
B-16026217Airbus A320 232SLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-16836564Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-16856686Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-171039158Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-171139159Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-171239160Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZSWX (Wuxi)
B-171339161Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-175540822Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-175640823Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-175740824Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZSCN (Nanchang)
B-175840825Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-175940826Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-18415986Airbus A320 232At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-18426019Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-193539140Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZGNN (Nanning)
B-193639141Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-193737619Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-193837618Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-193937621Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-194037622Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-194137625Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-197237620Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-197337624Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-199337623Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-206M61138Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-207D61141Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-207E61140Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-208J61142Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-209V61143Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-209W61144Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CG61145Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CH61146Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DK61147Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DL61148Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DN61150Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DP61149Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DZ61151Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-300M8351Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-300N8208Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-302E1879Airbus A330 343EAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-302M8373Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-303N1889Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-307M8793Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-309P8959Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-309Q8990Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-30AE9039Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30AP9084Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30CK9201Airbus A320 271NSLFlying as CSZ9850
B-30CL9202Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30CU9252Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30CV9291Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30DQ9387Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30F39529Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-510233644Boeing 737NG 97LAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-510333645Boeing 737NG 97LAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-510533646Boeing 737NG 97LAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-510633648Boeing 737NG 97LAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-510933649Boeing 737NG 97LAt ZSCN (Nanchang)
B-531732686Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-532232688Boeing 737NG 86N/WUnknown Location
B-534535215Boeing 737NG 86N/WAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-535735081Boeing 737NG 8AL/WAt ZGNN (Nanning)
B-536030062Boeing 737NG 86J/WUnknown Location
B-536130063Boeing 737NG 86J/WUnknown Location
B-536330500Boeing 737NG 86J/WUnknown Location
B-537735079Boeing 737NG 8ALAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-537835085Boeing 737NG 8ALUnknown Location
B-537935087Boeing 737NG 8AL/WUnknown Location
B-538035527Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-538135528Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-540035529Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-540135530Boeing 737NG 87L/WFlying as CSZ8980
B-540235531Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-541035088Boeing 737NG 8AL/WUnknown Location
B-541135532Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZGGG (Guangzhou)
B-541235533Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-541335535Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-544035534Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-544135536Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-560639143Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-560739144Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-560839145Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-561239146Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-561339147Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-561539148Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZGNN (Nanning)
B-561639149Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-561739150Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZSCN (Nanchang)
B-561839151Boeing 737NG 87L/WFlying as CSZ9817
B-561939152Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-567039129Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-567139153Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-567239154Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-567339155Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-569039130Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-573639132Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-573739133Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-577139134Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZYCC (Changchun)
B-577239135Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-577339156Boeing 737NG 87L/WFlying as CSZ9814
B-577539136Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-577639157Boeing 737NG 87L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-577839137Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-585939138Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-586039139Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-61532841Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-61962672Airbus A319 115At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-61972684Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-62862909Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-62962973Airbus A320 214Star AllianceUnknown Location
B-62972980Airbus A320 214Star AllianceUnknown Location
B-63513366Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-63523383Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-63573440Airbus A320 214At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-63583435Airbus A320 214At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-63593456Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-63603528Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-63773599Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-63923696Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-65503756Airbus A320 214At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-65633698Airbus A320 214At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-65653971Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-65663855Airbus A320 214Flying as CSZ9216
B-65673887Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-65683898Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-65693848Airbus A320 214At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-65704010Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-65713935Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-65894028Airbus A320 214At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-66134176Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-66154214Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-66474226Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-66484159Airbus A320 214At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-66494208Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-66504300Airbus A320 232At ZYHB (Harbin)
B-66904359Airbus A320 232At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-66914409Airbus A320 232At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-66924407Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67204474Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67214514Airbus A320 232At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-67224531Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67404435Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67494633Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67504666Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67804726Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67814620Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-68064845Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-68074897Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-68334920Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-68354986Airbus A320 232At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-68534866Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-68554876Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-68564929Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-68575002Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-69354977Airbus A320 232At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-69375082Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-69385110Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-69395176Airbus A320 232At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-708339142Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-774961118Boeing 737NG 87L/WUnknown Location
B-775061120Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-80776708Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-80786728Airbus A320 214SLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-80796742Airbus A320 214SLAt ZSSS (Shanghai)
B-81817420Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-82196721Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-82206911Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-84096984Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-84117075Airbus A320 232SLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-84137197Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-86327247Airbus A320 232SLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-86337270Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-86357190Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-86367232Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-86657738Airbus A319 133SLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-86677814Airbus A319 133SLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-86937827Airbus A319 133SLAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-87987711Airbus A319 133SLAt ZGGG (Guangzhou)
B-88651810Airbus A330 343EAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-99085369Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-99095521Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-99105550Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-99385589Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-99395639Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-99795731Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-99805766Airbus A320 214At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
N738SM30501Boeing 737NG 86J/WAt KMIA (Miami)
N908JK30741Boeing 737NG 7BXUnknown Location

CallsignRegistrationTypeDeparture AirportArrival AirportDeparture TimeArrival TimeFlight Duration
14:57 24-Sep-202017:39 24-Sep-202002:41View Playback
17:28 24-Sep-2020--:--
17:16 24-Sep-2020--:--
17:10 24-Sep-2020--:--
17:06 24-Sep-2020--:--
15:03 24-Sep-202017:01 24-Sep-202001:57View Playback
16:57 24-Sep-2020--:--
16:50 24-Sep-2020--:--
16:48 24-Sep-2020--:--
16:44 24-Sep-2020--:--

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