Airline Name: Chongqing Airlines
Fleet size: 32

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
B-18265875Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-18275930Airbus A320 232At ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-2343696Airbus A320 233Unknown Location
B-2345698Airbus A320 233Unknown Location
B-2346704Airbus A320 233Unknown Location
B-302J8154Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
B-302K8278Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
B-302L8419Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
B-305M8685Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
B-305N8690Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
B-305P8717Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
B-305Q8733Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
B-307R8900Airbus A320 251NSLAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-307S8934Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
B-30E38993Airbus A321 253NXSLUnknown Location
B-30E89008Airbus A321 253NXSLUnknown Location
B-30EL9365Airbus A321 253NXSLUnknown Location
B-61833828Airbus A319 115At ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-61873903Airbus A319 115At ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-61903860Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
B-61913890Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
B-62463836Airbus A319 133At ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-62473876Airbus A319 133Unknown Location
B-62483901Airbus A319 133Unknown Location
B-64074036Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
B-65763941Airbus A320 232Happy ChongqingUnknown Location
B-66414140Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67614696Airbus A320 232Beautiful In ChongqingUnknown Location
B-89877630Airbus A320 214SLChongqing TimesUnknown Location
B-99325579Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-99765645Airbus A320 232At ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-99775713Airbus A320 232Unknown Location


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