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Name: Air China
Fleet size: 444

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B-10508121Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-10678197Airbus A321 271NSLUnknown Location
B-10688000Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-1080247Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
B-1081240Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
B-1082231Airbus A350 941At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-1083217Airbus A350 941At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
B-1085178Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
B-1086167Airbus A350 941Flying as CCA855
B-117860906Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-117960903Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-118060905Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-121960890Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-122060899Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-122160894Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-122360889Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-122560886Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-126665300Boeing 777 300ERUnknown Location
B-128265301Boeing 777 300ERUnknown Location
B-136834318Boeing 787 9Flying as CCA966
B-139260877Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-139360902Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-139560904Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-139660953Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-139760872Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-139860883Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-139960880Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-141643423Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-141743424Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-141960868Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-142863355Boeing 777 300ERUnknown Location
B-142963356Boeing 777 300ERUnknown Location
B-143063357Boeing 777 300ERAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-143134313Boeing 787 9At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
B-146634314Boeing 787 9At LFPG (Paris)
B-146734315Boeing 787 9Unknown Location
B-146834316Boeing 787 9At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-146934317Boeing 787 9At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-152641107Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-152744919Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-152844920Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-152944921Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-153044922Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-153144923Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-159134312Boeing 787 9Unknown Location
B-16376579Airbus A321 213SLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-16386641Airbus A321 213SLUnknown Location
B-16396567Airbus A321 213SLUnknown Location
B-16866466Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-16876743Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-173841325Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-176041101Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-176141102Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-176241103Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-176341104Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-176441105Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-176541106Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-176641108Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-176741109Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-176841110Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-18166013Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-18336159Airbus A321 231SLAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-18526239Airbus A320 214SLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-18536169Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-18556196Airbus A321 213At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-18736251Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-18756283Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-18766319Airbus A321 213SLUnknown Location
B-18776273Airbus A321 232SLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-18786308Airbus A321 232SLUnknown Location
B-18796354Airbus A321 232SLAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-190940022Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-194240023Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-194541094Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-194641095Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-194741314Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-195640024Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-195740041Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-195840042Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-195941321Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZSAM (Xiamen)
B-197541323Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-197641098Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-197741099Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-197841324Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-200644931Boeing 777 39LERLove ChinaAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-203138670Boeing 777 39LERAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-203238671Boeing 777 39LERStar AllianceAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-203338673Boeing 777 39LERUnknown Location
B-203538674Boeing 777 39LERSmiling ChinaAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-203638676Boeing 777 39LERAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-203738677Boeing 777 39LERAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-203838678Boeing 777 39LERFlying as CCA987
B-203938679Boeing 777 39LERAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-204038680Boeing 777 39LERUnknown Location
B-204341441Boeing 777 39LERAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-204541443Boeing 777 39LERAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-204641442Boeing 777 39LERUnknown Location
B-204760374Boeing 777 39LER50 Years China/France RelationsAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-206429157Boeing 777 2J6Unknown Location
B-208538666Boeing 777 39LERAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-208638667Boeing 777 39LERAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-208738672Boeing 777 39LERAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-208838668Boeing 777 39LERAt ZSSS (Shanghai)
B-208938675Boeing 777 39LERUnknown Location
B-209038669Boeing 777 39LERUnknown Location
B-209K60907Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-209Q60909Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20A660910Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20A760913Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20AN60914Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20AP60915Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20C060916Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20C160917Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20CE60918Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20D260920Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DH60922Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DJ60923Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DQ60924Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-20DR60925Boeing 737MAX 8Unknown Location
B-23642499Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-24042454Airbus A319 131Unknown Location
B-244525882Boeing 747 4J6At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-244725883Boeing 747 4J6At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-247230158Boeing 747 4J6Unknown Location
B-247941193Boeing 747 89LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-248041194Boeing 747 89LUnknown Location
B-248141847Boeing 747 89LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-248244933Boeing 747 89LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-248541191Boeing 747 89LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-248641192Boeing 747 89LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-248744932Boeing 747 89LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-261233411Boeing 737NG 79LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-261333412Boeing 737NG 79LAt ZGGG (Guangzhou)
B-264529879Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-264829880Boeing 737NG 89LUnknown Location
B-265730517Boeing 737NG 89LAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-267130515Boeing 737NG 89LUnknown Location
B-267230516Boeing 737NG 89LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-270033413Boeing 737NG 79LUnknown Location
B-301E8446Airbus A321 271NSLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-301F8392Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-304E8462Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-304F8509Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
B-305F8560Airbus A321 271NSLUnknown Location
B-305G8706Airbus A321 271NSLUnknown Location
B-305H8711Airbus A321 271NSLUnknown Location
B-305J8594Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-305K8563Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-307A268Airbus A350 941At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-307C284Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
B-307K8929Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-308C295Airbus A350 941Unknown Location
B-308M311Airbus A350 941Star AllianceAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-308N8899Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-308S8981Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-309F9013Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-309G9019Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-309H9021Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-309R9029Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-309S9053Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30A69050Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30A79097Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30AF10001Airbus A321 271NSLAt ZSSS (Shanghai)
B-30AG9124Airbus A321 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30AH9184Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-30C19309Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZSHC (Hangzhou)
B-30C29093Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30C59276Airbus A321 271NSLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-30C69322Airbus A321 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30C79192Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30C89351Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30DA9346Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-30DC9369Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30DE9469Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30DF9479Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-30FJ9593Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZSHC (Hangzhou)
B-504333408Boeing 737NG 79LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-504433409Boeing 737NG 79LAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-504533410Boeing 737NG 79LUnknown Location
B-516734701Boeing 737NG 808At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-517034705Boeing 737NG 808At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-517935211Boeing 737NG 86NUnknown Location
B-519836491Boeing 737NG 89L/WYellow PeonyAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-520234537Boeing 737NG 79L/WUnknown Location
B-521134019Boeing 737NG 79LPink PeonyUnknown Location
B-521334020Boeing 737NG 79L/WUnknown Location
B-521434021Boeing 737NG 79L/WPink PeonyAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-522034539Boeing 737NG 79L/WUnknown Location
B-522734541Boeing 737NG 79L/WUnknown Location
B-522834542Boeing 737NG 79L/WUnknown Location
B-522934543Boeing 737NG 79L/WUnknown Location
B-529641091Boeing 737NG 79L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-529741092Boeing 737NG 79L/WUnknown Location
B-531229374Boeing 737NG 8Q8Unknown Location
B-532635214Boeing 737NG 86NAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-532735219Boeing 737NG 86NAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-532835221Boeing 737NG 86NAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-532935222Boeing 737NG 86NAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-534136483Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-534236484Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-534336485Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZSCN (Nanchang)
B-538736492Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-539036486Boeing 737NG 89L/WGold PeonyAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-539136487Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-539236488Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-539736489Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAD (Beijing)
B-539836490Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-542236741Boeing 737NG 89L/WPhoenixAt ZSFZ (Fuzhou)
B-542336742Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-542536743Boeing 737NG 89L/WBeijing Winter 2022 Olympic & Paralympic Games Unknown Location
B-542636744Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-544236745Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-544740015Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-547736755Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-549536749Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-549636750Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-549736751Boeing 737NG 89L/WInternational Horticultural Exhibition 2019Unknown Location
B-550036752Boeing 737NG 89L/WFlying as CCA8382
B-550736753Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-550836545Boeing 737NG 86NUnknown Location
B-551836754Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-557040032Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-557240027Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-558240028Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-558340016Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-558540029Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-562140030Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBYN (Taiyuan)
B-562240031Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-567940034Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-568240036Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-569640019Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-579340021Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-580341093Boeing 737NG 79L/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-584841307Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-584941309Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-585141313Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-59011353Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-59061373Airbus A330 343EAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-59121493Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-59131509Airbus A330 343EAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-59161383Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-59181396Airbus A330 243At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-59191413Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-59251434Airbus A330 243Flying as
B-59271444Airbus A330 243At EGLL (London)
B-59321459Airbus A330 243At VTBS (Bangkok)
B-59331471Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-59461525Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-59471538Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-59481541Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-59561563Airbus A330 343EAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-59571570Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-59581587Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-59771658Airbus A330 343E50th A330 For Air China (sticker)At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-59781673Airbus A330 343EAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-60042508Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-60142525Airbus A319 115At ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-60222000Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
B-60232007Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
B-60242015Airbus A319 132At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-60312172Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
B-60322202Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
B-60332205Airbus A319 132Unknown Location
B-60342237Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-60352269Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-60362285Airbus A319 115At ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-60372293Airbus A319 115At ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-60382298Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-60442532Airbus A319 115At ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-60462545Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-60472551Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-60482559Airbus A319 131Unknown Location
B-605U138Comac ARJ-21 700Unknown Location
B-6070750Airbus A330 243At ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-6071756Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-6072759Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-6073780Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-6075785Airbus A330 243Star AllianceUnknown Location
B-6076797Airbus A330 243Star AllianceUnknown Location
B-6079810Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-6080815Airbus A330 243At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-6081839Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-6090860Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-6091867Airbus A330 243Star AllianceAt EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
B-6092873Airbus A330 243At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-6093884Airbus A330 243Star AllianceUnknown Location
B-61011685Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-61021695Airbus A330 343EFlying as CCA613
B-610644924Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-6113890Airbus A330 243At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-6115909Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-6117903Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-6130930Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-6131941Airbus A330 243At ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-6132944Airbus A330 243At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-62132614Airbus A319 131Unknown Location
B-62162643Airbus A319 131Unknown Location
B-62232805Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-62252819Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-62262839Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-62272847Airbus A319 115At ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-62282890Airbus A319 115At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-62353195Airbus A319 131Unknown Location
B-62363200Airbus A319 131Unknown Location
B-62373226Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-62383250Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
B-63263329Airbus A321 213At ZSCN (Nanchang)
B-63273307Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-63613523Airbus A321 213Beautiful SichuanAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-63623623Airbus A321 213At ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-63633653Airbus A321 213At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-63653655Airbus A321 213Beautiful Sichuan IIAt ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-63823665Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-63833678Airbus A321 213Star AllianceUnknown Location
B-63853722Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-63863725Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-64686514Airbus A319 115SLUnknown Location
B-64786603Airbus A319 115SLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-64796699Airbus A319 115SLAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-649644926Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-649744930Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZGGG (Guangzhou)
B-649844929Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-649944927Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZGGG (Guangzhou)
B-65031333Airbus A330 343EAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-6505957Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-65111110Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-65121087Airbus A330 343EAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-65131130Airbus A330 343EAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-65231187Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-65251199Airbus A330 343EAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-65301216Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-65331237Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-65361260Airbus A330 243At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-65401282Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-65411304Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
B-65491330Airbus A330 243At VTBS (Bangkok)
B-65553766Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-65563806Airbus A321 213At ZSCN (Nanchang)
B-65933973Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-65954022Airbus A321 213At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-65964031Airbus A321 213At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-65974062Airbus A321 213At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-65993940Airbus A321 213At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-66034131Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-66054091Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-66063337Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-66073461Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-66083601Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-66093215Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-66103221Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-66113506Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-66314180Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-66324221Airbus A321 213At ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-66334283Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-66654318Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-66754377Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-66774348Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67014472Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-67114494Airbus A321 213At ZUUU (Chengdu)
B-67124538Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-67314473Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67334566Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67414617Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
B-67424719Airbus A321 232At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-67454593Airbus A320 232Unknown Location
B-67674803Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-67734775Airbus A320 232At ZSHC (Hangzhou)
B-67914771Airbus A321 232At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-67924834Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
B-67934829Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-68224900Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-68234873Airbus A321 232At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-68254949Airbus A321 232At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-68284963Airbus A320 214At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-68464985Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-68474895Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-68485054Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
B-68815174Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-68824997Airbus A320 232At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-68835124Airbus A321 232At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-68855199Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
B-69155014Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-69165032Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-69175265Airbus A321 232At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-69185091Airbus A320 232At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-69195346Airbus A321 232At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-69415386Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-69425432Airbus A321 232Unknown Location
B-69615435Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-69675419Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-69735573Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-718043410Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-718144912Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-718244911Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-759543415Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-759644913Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-759860850Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-780034308Boeing 787 9Unknown Location
B-783234309Boeing 787 9Unknown Location
B-786963353Boeing 777 300ERUnknown Location
B-787734305Boeing 787 9At ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-787834306Boeing 787 9At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-787934307Boeing 787 9At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-789043416Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-789260851Boeing 737NG 89L/WUnknown Location
B-789360855Boeing 737NG 89L/WAt ZBTJ (Tianjin)
B-789560857Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-789660859Boeing 737NG 800/WUnknown Location
B-789760861Boeing 737NG 800/WAt ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-789834310Boeing 787 9At ZBAA (Beijing)
B-789934311Boeing 787 9At ZUCK (Chongqing)
B-795263352Boeing 777 300ERAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-797363354Boeing 777 300ERAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-83376882Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-83386932Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-83831802Airbus A330 343EAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-83851807Airbus A330 343EAt OMDB (Dubai)
B-83861811Airbus A330 343EAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-84296921Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-84907041Airbus A320 232SLAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-84917134Airbus A320 232SLAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-84927161Airbus A321 232SLUnknown Location
B-84937234Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-84957248Airbus A321 232SLUnknown Location
B-85027468Airbus A321 232SLUnknown Location
B-85037324Airbus A321 232SLUnknown Location
B-85771752Airbus A330 343EAt ZGSZ (Shenzhen)
B-85791765Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-85827761Airbus A320 232SLUnknown Location
B-85837722Airbus A321 232SLUnknown Location
B-85857774Airbus A321 232SLAt ZSPD (Shanghai)
B-85957741Airbus A321 232SLUnknown Location
B-86891786Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
B-87437442Airbus A320 232SLAt ZSHC (Hangzhou)
B-87997511Airbus A321 232SLUnknown Location
B-88007557Airbus A321 232SLUnknown Location
B-88907899Airbus A320 271NSLAt ZBAA (Beijing)
B-88917848Airbus A320 271NSLUnknown Location
B-99185568Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-99195743Airbus A321 213Unknown Location
B-99235664Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-99255690Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
B-99265771Airbus A320 214At ZUUU (Chengdu)
N938BC29748Boeing 777 2J6Unknown Location

CallsignRegistrationTypeDeparture AirportArrival AirportDeparture TimeArrival TimeFlight Duration
17:48 24-Sep-2020--:--
15:00 24-Sep-202017:45 24-Sep-202002:44View Playback
15:10 24-Sep-202017:42 24-Sep-202002:31View Playback
15:45 24-Sep-202017:40 24-Sep-202001:55View Playback
14:39 24-Sep-202017:33 24-Sep-202002:53View Playback
17:26 24-Sep-2020--:--
15:46 24-Sep-202017:23 24-Sep-202001:36View Playback
14:48 24-Sep-202017:18 24-Sep-202002:29View Playback
17:16 24-Sep-2020--:--
15:08 24-Sep-202017:16 24-Sep-202002:07View Playback
CCA966B-1368B787-9 Dreamliner36975ft.481.9kts.

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