Airline Name: Buzz
Active Fleet size: 50
Historic Fleet size: 10
Callsign:MAGIC SUN
Country: Poland

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
SP-RKB44729Boeing B737-800Flying as RYR7575
SP-RKC44738Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RKD44736Boeing B737-800At EPKK (Krakow)
SP-RKE44743Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RKF44749Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RKG44826Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RKH44746Boeing B737-800At EPKT (Katowice)
SP-RKI44783Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RKK44785Boeing B737-800At EPKT (Katowice)
SP-RKL44786Boeing B737-800At LKPR (Prague)
SP-RKM44787Boeing B737-800At EPKS ()
SP-RKN44695Boeing B737-800At EPKT (Katowice)
SP-RKO44702Boeing B737-800At LKPR (Prague)
SP-RKP44701Boeing B737-800At EPKK (Krakow)
SP-RKQ44809Boeing B737-800At LBSF (Sofia)
SP-RKR61578Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RKS44704Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RKT44805Boeing B737-800At LZIB (Bratislava)
SP-RKU44806Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RKV44810Boeing B737-800At EPKT (Katowice)
SP-RKW44807Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RSA44686Boeing B737-800At EPKT (Katowice)
SP-RSB44832Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RSC44843Boeing B737-800At EPKK (Krakow)
SP-RSD44845Boeing B737-800At EPKS ()
SP-RSE44839Boeing B737-800Flying as RYR361X
SP-RSF44840Boeing B737-800At EPKK (Krakow)
SP-RSG44841Boeing B737-800At EPKK (Krakow)
SP-RSH44842Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RSI44844Boeing B737-800At LOWW (Vienna)
SP-RSK44847Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RSL44850Boeing B737-800At LBSF (Sofia)
SP-RSM44791Boeing B737-800At LKPR (Prague)
SP-RSN44798Boeing B737-800At EPKT (Katowice)
SP-RSO44796Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RSP44797Boeing B737-800Flying as RYR1JP
SP-RSQ44774Boeing B737-800At EPKK (Krakow)
SP-RSR44799Boeing B737-800At EPKS ()
SP-RSS44835Boeing B737-800At EPKK (Krakow)
SP-RST44775Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RSU44776Boeing B737-800Flying as RYR7921
SP-RSV44777Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RSW44778Boeing B737-800At EPKT (Katowice)
SP-RSX44779Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RSY44780Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
SP-RSZ44688Boeing B737-800At LOWW (Vienna)
SP-RZA62314Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
SP-RZB62313Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location
SP-RZE62323Boeing B737 MAX 8At EPKK (Krakow)
SP-RZG62320Boeing B737 MAX 8Unknown Location

G-BZZA26441Boeing B737-300
G-BZZB25125Boeing B737-300
G-BZZE26310Boeing B737-300
G-BZZF26311Boeing B737-300
G-BZZG26312Boeing B737-300
G-BZZH26313Boeing B737-300
G-BZZI26314Boeing B737-300
G-BZZJ26321Boeing B737-300
G-CELS23660Boeing B737-300
SP-RKA44690Boeing B737-800

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