Airline Name: Brussels Airlines
Active Fleet size: 49
Historic Fleet size: 57
Country: Belgium

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
EI-GEH15221Bombardier CRJ-900Unknown Location
N287AC324Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
OO-SFB915Airbus A330-300At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SFC895Airbus A330-300Flying as BEL379
OO-SFD959Airbus A330-300Flying as BEL357
OO-SFE1010Airbus A330-300At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SFF1132Airbus A330-300Flying as BEL277
OO-SFG983Airbus A330-300Unknown Location
OO-SFH679Airbus A330-300Unknown Location
OO-SFJ701Airbus A330-300Unknown Location
OO-SFK570Airbus A330-300Unknown Location
OO-SFL579Airbus A330-300At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SFP645Airbus A330-300At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SFX1085Airbus A330-300Flying as BEL203
OO-SFZ249Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
OO-SNA1441Airbus A320-200Belgian Red Devils national football teamUnknown Location
OO-SNB1493Airbus A320-200TintinAt EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SNC1797Airbus A320-200Star AllianceAt EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SND1838Airbus A320-200Belgian Icons - The SmurfsAt EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SNE4243Airbus A320-200Belgian Icons - Peter BruegelFlying as BEL6QG
OO-SNF2810Airbus A320-200TomorrowlandAt EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SNH2207Airbus A320-200At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SNI1983Airbus A320-200At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SNJ3161Airbus A320-200Flying as BEL7MM
OO-SNK3373Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
OO-SNL1961Airbus A320-200At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SNM2003Airbus A320-200Flying as BEL4UB
OO-SNN4269Airbus A320-200Flying as BEL5KA
OO-SSA2392Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SSB2400Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SSE2700Airbus A319-100Unknown Location
OO-SSF2763Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SSH2925Airbus A319-100Unknown Location
OO-SSJ1759Airbus A319-100Flying as BEL3347
OO-SSK1336Airbus A319-100Unknown Location
OO-SSL1803Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SSM1388Airbus A319-100Unknown Location
OO-SSN1963Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SSO2287Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SSQ3790Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SSR4275Airbus A319-100At UUEE (Moscow)
OO-SSS2030Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SSU2230Airbus A319-100Unknown Location
OO-SSV2196Airbus A319-100Flying as BEL9QH
OO-SSW3255Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SSX2260Airbus A319-100At EBBR (Brussels)
OO-TCH1929Airbus A320-200Flying as BEL9E
OO-TCQ2114Airbus A320-200Flying as BEL3736
OO-TCV1968Airbus A320-200At LPPR (Porto)

2-SSIA3895Airbus A319-100
D-ASTX3202Airbus A319-100
D-AWBAE3134British Aerospace BAe-146-300
EI-GEC15246Bombardier CRJ-900
G-CGYUE2275British Aerospace Avro RJ-85
G-CGYVE2279British Aerospace Avro RJ-85
G-CHFEE2294British Aerospace Avro RJ-85
G-CHFRE2290British Aerospace Avro RJ-85
G-CHHAE2295British Aerospace Avro RJ-85
G-CHRFE2297British Aerospace Avro RJ-85
G-CIKFE2287British Aerospace Avro RJ-85
G-ECOH4221De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8
G-ECOI4224De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8
G-ECOK4230De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8
G-JECY4157De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8
G-RJXI145454Embraer EMB-145
HB-IQA229Airbus A330-200
OE-LGC4026De Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8
OO-DJEE2164British Aerospace BAe-146-200
OO-DJFE2167British Aerospace BAe-146-200
OO-DWAE3308British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWBE3315British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWCE3322British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWDE3324British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWEE3327British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWFE3332British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWGE3336British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWHE3340British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWIE3342British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWJE3355British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWKE3360British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-DWLE3361British Aerospace Avro RJ-100
OO-LTM25070Boeing B737-300
OO-SFM30Airbus A330-300
OO-SFN37Airbus A330-300
OO-SFO45Airbus A330-300
OO-SFT291Airbus A330-200
OO-SFU324Airbus A330-200
OO-SFV95Airbus A330-300
OO-SFW82Airbus A330-300
OO-SFY229Airbus A330-200
OO-SNG1885Airbus A320-200
OO-SSC1086Airbus A319-100
OO-SSD1102Airbus A319-100
OO-SSG1160Airbus A319-100
OO-SSI3895Airbus A319-100
OO-SSP644Airbus A319-100
OO-VBR24314Boeing B737-400
OO-VEG28568Boeing B737-300
OO-VEH28571Boeing B737-300
OO-VEJ24271Boeing B737-400
OO-VEK24270Boeing B737-400
OO-VEN28586Boeing B737-300
OO-VEP28489Boeing B737-400
OO-VES28493Boeing B737-400
OO-VET28202Boeing B737-400
OO-VEX28670Boeing B737-300

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