Airline Name: Boliviana de Aviacion
Active Fleet size: 27
Historic Fleet size: 10
Country: Bolivia

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
CP-136721495Boeing B727-200Unknown Location
CP-255025118Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-255124449Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-264024366Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-268427455Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-271626309Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-271825057Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-281528738Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-28517544Bombardier CRJ-200Unknown Location
CP-28527545Bombardier CRJ-200Unknown Location
CP-288027376Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
CP-288127377Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
CP-292028548Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-292128868Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-292228219Boeing B737-700Unknown Location
CP-292330642Boeing B737-700Unknown Location
CP-292430037Boeing B737-700Unknown Location
CP-292528242Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
CP-292628246Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
CP-301727427Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
CP-301828498Boeing B737-700Unknown Location
CP-301927458Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-302028537Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-307728563Boeing B737-300Unknown Location
CP-308626608Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
CP-313830661Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
CP-315130645Boeing B737-800Unknown Location

CP-28548Boeing B737-300
CP-27458Boeing B737-300
CP-7545Bombardier CRJ-200
CP-28498Boeing B737-700
CP-255225041Boeing B737-300
CP-255324450Boeing B737-300
CP-255426303Boeing B737-300
CP-271724788Boeing B737-500
CS-TQW262Airbus A330-200
N234AX30436Boeing B767-200

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