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Avior Airlines Fleet List


Avior Airlines Fleet List
Airline Name: Avior Airlines
Active Fleet size: 10
Historic Fleet size: 22
Country: Venezuela

Avior Airlines Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
YV279423089Boeing B737-200Active
YV282323090Boeing B737-200Active
YV292823885Boeing B737-400Active
YV293723847Boeing B737-200Active
YV294623886Boeing B737-400Active
YV299823848Boeing B737-200Active
YV301123989Boeing B737-400Active
YV301223990Boeing B737-400Active
YV324324781Boeing B737-400Active
YV331725774Boeing B737-400Active

Avior Airlines Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
YV23990Boeing B737-400Inactive
YV-187T22964Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV-643C21970Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV-917C21665Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV136021665Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV136121970Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV157622826Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV234T22826Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV293620195Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
YV315122979Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV315123984Boeing B737-400Inactive
YV315823984Boeing B737-400Inactive
YV315824862Boeing B737-400Inactive
YV318724862Boeing B737-400Inactive
YV3292199Airbus A340-300Inactive
YV340T23079Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV341T23089Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV342T23090Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV343T23101Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV488T23848Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV491T22979Boeing B737-200Inactive
YV495T23847Boeing B737-200Inactive

Photos of Avior Airlines Fleet

YV3158, 05-Nov-2016
© Kristof Souffriau

YV2928, 02-Nov-2016
© Erik van der Eyken

YV2928, 02-Nov-2016
© Kristof Souffriau

YV2794, 04-Nov-2012
© Erik van der Eyken

YV341T, 28-Feb-2008
© Erik van der Eyken

Sightings of Avior Airlines Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
YV3292A340-30013-02-2017Miami International
YV3292A340-30012-02-2017Miami International
YV3158B737-40005-11-2016Miami International
YV3158B737-40003-11-2016Miami International
YV2928B737-40002-11-2016Miami International
YV2928B737-40002-11-2016Miami International
YV3187Boeing 737-4B723-05-2016Miami International
YV3158Boeing 737-40122-05-2016Miami International
YV3012Boeing 737-40121-05-2016Miami International
YV1576Boeing B737-2H431-03-2013Hato
YV2794B737-20004-11-2012Miami International
YV-2794B737-232A02-11-2012Miami International

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Avior Airlines Fleet Information

The airline Avior Airlines is based in Venezuela, currently the airline uses the callsign: AVIOR and has an active fleet size of 10 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 22. Avior Airlines flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Avior Airlines / . We have been tracking Avior Airlines since the airline launched.