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Avelo Airlines Fleet List


Airline Name: Avelo Airlines
Active Fleet size: 16
Historic Fleet size: 8
Country: United States

Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N701VL36617Boeing B737-700Active
N702VL36623Boeing B737-700Active
N703VL36626Boeing B737-700Active
N705VL33785Boeing B737-700Active
N706VL33789Boeing B737-700Active
N707VL29843Boeing B737-700Active
N708VL30677Boeing B737-700Active
N801XT35220Boeing B737-800Active
N802XT34405Boeing B737-800Active
N803XT34407Boeing B737-800Active
N804VL38030Boeing B737-800Active
N805VL39401Boeing B737-800Active
N806VL34656Boeing B737-800Active
N807VL35830Boeing B737-800Active
N808VL37597Boeing B737-800Active
N809VL37599Boeing B737-800Active

Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
N233GE38030Boeing B737-800Inactive
N592CC39401Boeing B737-800Inactive
N702XT36623Boeing B737-700Inactive
N7834A33789Boeing B737-700Inactive
N7837A33785Boeing B737-700Inactive
N905WN36617Boeing B737-700Inactive
N916WN36623Boeing B737-700Inactive
N921WN36626Boeing B737-700Inactive

Photos of Avelo Airlines Aircraft

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N808VL, 05-Feb-2024
© Jim Donten

N807VL, 21-Jan-2024
© Tobias Rose

N807VL, 13-Jan-2024
© Tobias Rose

N708VL, 06-Sep-2023
© Jim Donten

N708VL, 04-Aug-2023
© Jim Donten

N803XT, 04-Aug-2023
© Jim Donten

N803XT, 17-Jul-2023
© Jim Donten

N803XT, 10-Jul-2023
© Jim Donten

N803XT, 10-Jul-2023
© Jim Donten

N702VL, 08-May-2023
© Jim Donten

N809VL, 08-May-2023
© Jim Donten

N802XT, 04-May-2023
© Jim Donten