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Angara Airlines Fleet List


Airline Name: Angara Airlines
Active Fleet size: 21
Historic Fleet size: 1
Country: Russia

Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
RA-222999785547Mil Mi-17Active
RA-226868AMT0064‚Äč3167654UMil Mi-17Active
RA-2287598415757Mil Mi-17Active
RA-2287798415795Mil Mi-17Active
RA-2419298943711Mil Mi-17Active
RA-2459898839460Mil Mi-17Active
RA-2550495652Mil Mi-17Active
RA-265116808Antonov Antonov An-26Active
RA-265432709Antonov Antonov An-26Active
RA-266557802Antonov Antonov An-26Active
RA-266658108Antonov Antonov An-26Active
RA-4649227308205Antonov Antonov An-24Active
RA-4661137308608Antonov Antonov An-24Active
RA-4662037308707Antonov Antonov An-24Active
RA-4666247309410Antonov Antonov An-24Active
RA-4667247309604Antonov Antonov An-24Active
RA-4667947309701Antonov Antonov An-24Active
RA-4669747309908Antonov Antonov An-24Active
RA-4671257310408Antonov Antonov An-24Active
RA-4731567310502Antonov Antonov An-24Active
RA-4735567310604Antonov Antonov An-24Active

Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
RA-226868AMT0064?3167654UMil Mi-17Inactive

Photos of Angara Airlines Aircraft

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RA-61710, 12-Aug-2015
© Tomo-Papa

RA-61710, 08-Aug-2015
© Tomo-Papa