Airline Name: Ameriflight
Active Fleet size: 140
Historic Fleet size: 13
Country: United States

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N102GPU-208Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N104BEU-221Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KONP (Newport)
N106SXU-166Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KPHX (Phoenix)
N107SXU-176Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KPHX (Phoenix)
N108SXU-184Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KPDX (Portland)
N1110J120110Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaAt KRDM (Redmond)
N111YVUC-111Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N112YVUC-112Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N130GPU-222Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N131GPU-225Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N134PMU-34Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KBUR (Burbank)
N152AFAC-520Swearingen Merlin 23At KABQ (Albuquerque)
N1568GUC-58Beech Beech 1900Flying as AMF1362
N164HAU-60Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KBUR (Burbank)
N174AVU-174Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KSLC (Salt Lake City)
N179CA120179Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaAt MMTJ (Tijuana)
N189CA120189Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaAt KGPI (Kalispell)
N190WAU-207Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N191AVU-191Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N191WAU-136Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N1924TU-115Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N192WAU-152Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KMHT (Manchester)
N193SUU-193Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N193WAU-17Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KMHT (Manchester)
N194WAU-64Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KMHT (Manchester)
N196WAU-179Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N197WAU-130Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KMHT (Manchester)
N199AFU-161Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KTTD (Portland)
N19RZUC-75Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N201YW120201Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaAt KTTD (Portland)
N2049KUC-164Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N204AFU-204Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt TJSJ (San Juan)
N206AVU-206Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N20FWU-111Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N21FWU-117Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KPDX (Portland)
N21RZUC-106Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N221BHU-168Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt BOK (Brookings)
N223BHU-173Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N225BHU-181Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KSAT (San Antonio)
N226BHU-182Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N227AVU-227Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KBTA (Blair)
N228BHU-229Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt TJIG (San Juan)
N230BHU-233Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N235AVU-235Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N240DHAT-602Swearingen Merlin 23Flying as AMF7198
N241DHAT-607BSwearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N242DHAT-608BSwearingen Merlin 23At TBPB (Bridgetown)
N243DHAT-609BSwearingen Merlin 23At TJSJ (San Juan)
N244DHAT-618BSwearingen Merlin 23At KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N245DHAT-624BSwearingen Merlin 23At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N246AS120100Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaUnknown Location
N246DHAT-625BSwearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N247CA120225Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaAt KYKM (Yakima)
N247DHAT-626BSwearingen Merlin 23At KDAL (Dallas)
N248DHAT-630BSwearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N249DHAT-631BSwearingen Merlin 23At TJIG (San Juan)
N257AS120126Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaUnknown Location
N258AS120131Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaAt KMFR (Medford)
N261SWU-202Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KSLC (Salt Lake City)
N266AS120188Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaUnknown Location
N26RZUC-134Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N293UX120293Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaUnknown Location
N3052KUB-70Beech Beech 1900At KPHX (Phoenix)
N3071AUB-46Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N31701UB-2Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N31702UB-3Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N31703UB-10Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N31704UB-12Beech Beech 1900At KRDM (Redmond)
N31705UB-60Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N3229AUB-51Beech Beech 1900At KMFR (Medford)
N330AFUB-38Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N330AVU-230Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N331AFUB-44Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N338AFUC-57Beech Beech 1900At TJSJ (San Juan)
N346AFUC-71Beech Beech 1900At KAVP (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton)
N347AFUC-66Beech Beech 1900At KMLI (Moline)
N34AKU-105Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KONT (Ontario)
N34RZUC-151Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N354AEAC-633Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N360AEAC-675Swearingen Merlin 23At KSMX (Santa Maria)
N362AEAC-677Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N370AEAC-506Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N388AVU-188Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KSAT (San Antonio)
N39UBUB-39Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N4199CU-50Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt TJSJ (San Juan)
N421MAAC-634Swearingen Merlin 23At KWHP (Los Angeles)
N422MAAC-635Swearingen Merlin 23At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N423MAAC-636Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N424MAAC-639Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N426MAAC-645Swearingen Merlin 23At KPHX (Phoenix)
N428MAAC-646Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N4299AU-146Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KPDX (Portland)
N475AFAC-475Swearingen Merlin 23At KSBP (San Luis Obispo)
N49UCUC-49Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N51RPU-212Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N529AFAC-752Swearingen Merlin 23At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N52RPU-210Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KTUS (Tucson)
N544UPAT-544Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N548UPAT-548Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N556UPAT-556Swearingen Merlin 23At KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N560SW120334Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaUnknown Location
N560UPAT-560Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N561UPAT-561Swearingen Merlin 23At KVNY (Van Nuys)
N566SW120341Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaAt TBPB (Bridgetown)
N566UPAT-566Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N567SW120342Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaAt KMFR (Medford)
N569UPAT-569Swearingen Merlin 23At KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N573GAT-446BSwearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N575GUC-155Beech Beech 1900At KCVG (Cincinnati)
N578AFAC-578Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N578SW120346Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaAt MMHO (Hermosillo)
N62989U-183Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KDFW (Dallas-Fort Worth)
N63978U-171Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N653CT120243Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaUnknown Location
N671AVAC-671Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N6724DU-215Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KPDX (Portland)
N672AVAC-672Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N673AVAC-673Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N68TAU-177Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N698AFAC-698Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N709TRAC-709BSwearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N718AFUC-162Beech Beech 1900Unknown Location
N7200ZU-219Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KPDX (Portland)
N7203CUB-28Beech Beech 1900At KBLI (Bellingham)
N7209WU-224Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N7862RU-85Beech Beech 99 AirlinerFlying as AMF7196
N801AFAC-701Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N802BAU-29Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KONT (Ontario)
N805BAU-147Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N807MAT-454BSwearingen Merlin 23At KMOB (Mobile)
N81820U-232Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N8226ZU-190Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KSFF (Spokane)
N8227PU-194Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N838AFAC-738Swearingen Merlin 23Unknown Location
N949KU-36Beech Beech 99 AirlinerUnknown Location
N96AVU-201Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KBUR (Burbank)
N990AFU-211Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt TJIG (San Juan)
N991AFU-214Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KNYL (Yuma)
N992AFU-203Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KSLC (Salt Lake City)
N997SBU-192Beech Beech 99 AirlinerAt KBFI (Seattle)

N101WJ110203Embraer EMB-110 Bandeirante
N109SXU-196Beech Beech 99 Airliner
N1110J120.11Embraer EMB-120 Brasilia
N155AFAC-455Swearingen Merlin 23
N213AVU-213Beech Beech 99 Airliner
N234AVU-234Beech Beech 99 Airliner
N443AFAC-443Swearingen Merlin 23
N473AFAC-473Swearingen Merlin 23
N476AFAC-476Swearingen Merlin 23
N488AFAC-488Swearingen Merlin 23
N525N92de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter
N53RPU-195Beech Beech 99 Airliner
N55RPU-198Beech Beech 99 Airliner

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
AMF7198N240DHMerlin 2317875ft.226kts.
AMF1362N1568GBeech 190013900ft.238kts.
AMF7196N7862RBeech 99 Airliner10000ft.207kts.

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