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Amapola Flyg Fleet List


Airline Name: Amapola Flyg
Active Fleet size: 5
Historic Fleet size: 21
Country: Sweden

Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
SE-LFS20216Fokker Fokker 50Active
SE-LIO20146Fokker Fokker 50Active
SE-LJY20259Fokker Fokker 50Active
SE-MFB20252Fokker Fokker 50Active
SE-MFD20126Fokker Fokker 50Active

Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
EC-LHV416Avions De Transport Regional ATR-72-200Inactive
EC-MAF568Avions De Transport Regional ATR-72-500Inactive
SE-KTC20124Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-KTD20125Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-LEZ20128Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-LIP20147Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-LIR20151Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-LIS20152Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-LJG20168Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-LJH20171Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-LJI20180Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-LJV20103Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-LTR20226Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-MFJ20149Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-MFO20251Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-MFP20105Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-MFR20264Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-MFU20145Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-MFY20109Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-MFZ20159Fokker Fokker 50Inactive
SE-MJC20307Fokker Fokker 50Inactive

Photos of Amapola Flyg Aircraft

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SE-MFP, 23-Feb-2022
© Luke Jermy

SE-LIP, 24-Mar-2019
© Richard Tollefsen

SE-LJH, 24-Mar-2019
© Richard Tollefsen

SE-LIS, 27-May-2018
© Linus

SE-LJY, 27-May-2018
© Linus

SE-LEZ, 29-Jun-2012
© Tobias Hottinger

PH-LMB, 28-Jun-2012
© Tobias Hottinger

SE-KTD, 28-Jun-2012
© Tobias Hottinger

SE-LIP, 28-Jun-2012
© Tobias Hottinger