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Airnorth Regional Fleet List


Airnorth Regional Fleet List
Airline Name: Airnorth Regional
Active Fleet size: 11
Historic Fleet size: 17
Country: Australia

Airnorth Regional Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
VH-ANK120155Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaActive
VH-ANN120203Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaActive
VH-ANO17000099Embraer EMB-170Active
VH-ANQ120079Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaActive
VH-ANT17000357Embraer EMB-170Active
VH-ANZ120135Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaActive
VH-ASN120056Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaActive
VH-DIL120153Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaActive
VH-SWO17000081Embraer EMB-170Active
VH-UYJ19000056Embraer EMB-190Active
VH-UYR19000100Embraer EMB-190Active

Airnorth Regional Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
N780NC17000280Embraer EMB-170Inactive
VH-AFQ120079Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaInactive
VH-ANADC-871BSwearingen Merlin 23Inactive
VH-ANB120116Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaInactive
VH-ANF17000036Embraer EMB-170Inactive
VH-ANJ120163Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaInactive
VH-ANK120-155Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaInactive
VH-ANN120-203Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaInactive
VH-ANV17000280Embraer EMB-170Inactive
VH-ANWDC-873BSwearingen Merlin 23Inactive
VH-ANYDC-840BSwearingen Merlin 23Inactive
VH-ASN120-056Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaInactive
VH-DIL120-153Embraer EMB-120 BrasiliaInactive
VH-EWYDC-840BSwearingen Merlin 23Inactive
VH-FNP110157Embraer EMB-110 BandeiranteInactive
VH-SRQDC-871BSwearingen Merlin 23Inactive
VH-SWVDC-873BSwearingen Merlin 23Inactive

Photos of Airnorth Regional Fleet

VH-XFL, 12-Jul-2024
© Matthew Burrell

Sightings of Airnorth Regional Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
VH-XFLEMB-19012-07-2024Brisbane Intl
VH-EWYMerlin 2320-06-2024Adelaide Intl
VH-ANV17010-10-2012Brisbane Intl
VH-SWOE17002-03-2010Melbourne Intl

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Airnorth Regional Fleet Information

The airline Airnorth Regional is based in Australia, currently the airline uses the callsign: TOPEND and has an active fleet size of 11 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 17. Airnorth Regional flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Airnorth Regional / TL. We have been tracking Airnorth Regional since the airline launched.