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Air Transport International Fleet List


Airline Name: Air Transport International
Active Fleet size: 13
Historic Fleet size: 23
Country: United States

Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N255CM22316Boeing B767-200Active
N395CM25447Boeing B767-300Active
N620DL22910Boeing B757-200Active
N714AX22314Boeing B767-200Active
N739AX22216Boeing B767-200Active
N751CX26273Boeing B757-200Active
N752CX24451Boeing B757-200Active
N753CX26152Boeing B757-200Active
N754CX26154Boeing B757-200Active
N761CX22318Boeing B767-200Active
N762CX22225Boeing B767-200Active
N763CX22223Boeing B767-200Active
N791AX23141Boeing B767-200Active

Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
N304CM29228Boeing B767-300Inactive
N307AZ28725Boeing B767-300Inactive
N308CM29229Boeing B767-300Inactive
N312AA22315Boeing B767-200Inactive
N316AA22318Boeing B767-200Inactive
N316CM24146Boeing B767-300Inactive
N317AZ25445Boeing B767-300Inactive
N319CM24407Boeing B767-300Inactive
N360CM25202Boeing B767-300Inactive
N364CM24531Boeing B767-300Inactive
N376AN25445Boeing B767-300Inactive
N379AA25448Boeing B767-300Inactive
N391AA27451Boeing B767-300Inactive
N392AN29429Boeing B767-300Inactive
N393AN29430Boeing B767-300Inactive
N395AN29432Boeing B767-300Inactive
N503AZ25274Boeing B767-300Inactive
N531UA25042Boeing B757-200Inactive
N557CM23687Boeing B757-200Inactive
N605DL22812Boeing B757-200Inactive
N712AX23307Boeing B767-200Inactive
N748AX22225Boeing B767-200Inactive
N763CA26154Boeing B757-200Inactive

Photos of Air Transport International Aircraft

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N762CX, 20-Jan-2024
© Tobias Rose

N311AZ, 04-Sep-2022
© Jim Donten

N347AZ, 02-Jan-2022
© Jim Donten

N409AZ, 28-Aug-2021
© Jim Donten

N389AZ, 05-Jun-2021
© Jim Donten

N317AZ, 29-Apr-2021
© Jim Donten

N255CM, 29-Apr-2021
© Jim Donten

N307AZ, 28-Apr-2021
© Jim Donten

N751CX, 09-Jan-2021
© Tom Freeman

N307AZ, 22-Mar-2020
© Jim Donten

N379AZ, 22-Feb-2020
© Jim Donten

N347AZ, 18-Jan-2020
© Jim Donten