Airline Name: Air Service Liege
Active Fleet size: 31
Historic Fleet size: 6
Country: Belgium

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
OO-ACC525A0431Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2At LFPG (Paris)
OO-ACO510-0260Cessna Cessna 510 Citation MustangAt EHAM (Amsterdam)
OO-AMR525A0495Cessna Cessna 525A Citation CJ2Unknown Location
OO-ASLBL-49Beech Beech 1300 CommuterAt EBAW (Antwerp)
OO-CCJ525-0671Cessna Cessna 525 Citation CJ1At LFMN (Nice)
OO-CEJ525-0172Cessna Cessna 525 Citation CJ1At EBAW (Antwerp)
OO-CYN55000078Embraer Legacy 500At EBLG (Liege)
OO-GLM680-0078Cessna Cessna 680 Citation SovereignUnknown Location
OO-GSP680-0302Cessna Cessna 680 Citation SovereignAt LIML (Milan)
OO-HRG45-2064Bombardier Learjet 40At EBLG (Liege)
OO-IDE525-0037Cessna Cessna 525 Citation CJ1Unknown Location
OO-LETBB-1473Beech Beech 1300 CommuterUnknown Location
OO-MMT560-5593Cessna Cessna 560XL Citation ExcelAt EGWU (London)
OO-MST510-0089Cessna Cessna 510 Citation MustangAt EHRD (Rotterdam)
OO-NEY55010003Embraer Legacy 450At EDDW (Bremen)
OO-OCAFL-672Hawker Beechcraft Corp Beech Super King Air 350At EBAW (Antwerp)
OO-PKX750-0313Cessna Cessna 750 Citation XAt EHEH (Eindhoven)
OO-PRM510-0125Cessna Cessna 510 Citation MustangAt EHAM (Amsterdam)
OO-RKS510-0189Cessna Cessna 510 Citation MustangAt EBBR (Brussels)
OO-SUN510-0069Cessna Cessna 510 Citation MustangAt EDDB (Berlin)
OO-SXX680-0079Cessna Cessna 680 Citation SovereignAt EBAW (Antwerp)
OO-TBB0244Cirrus Jet Vision SF50Unknown Location
OO-VMF560-6193Textron Aviation Cessna 560XL Citation ExcelUnknown Location
OO-XLS560-6162Cessna Cessna 560XL Citation ExcelAt EHAM (Amsterdam)
PH-BBJ560-6266Textron Aviation Cessna 560XL Citation ExcelAt EDDW (Bremen)
PH-CJM680-0271Cessna Cessna 680 Citation SovereignAt EGCC (Manchester)
PH-FJK525B0291Cessna Cessna 525B Citation CJ3Unknown Location
PH-JTJ680-0326Cessna Cessna 680 Citation SovereignAt EDDL (Dusseldorf)
PH-LGD55000011Embraer Legacy 500At LFMN (Nice)
PH-TXA510-0111Cessna Cessna 510 Citation MustangAt EHAM (Amsterdam)
PH-WMM525-0118Cessna Cessna 525 Citation CJ1At LFMD (Cannes/Mandelieu)

OO-ARO14501214Embraer Legacy 650
OO-EDV525B0200Cessna Cessna 525B Citation CJ3
OO-EUR525-0118Cessna Cessna 525 Citation CJ1
OO-GMJFL-460Raytheon Aircraft Company Beech Super King Air 350
OO-JDK525-0250Cessna Cessna 525 Citation CJ1
OO-SXD121043Embraer EMB-121 Xingu

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CallsignRegistrationTypeAltitudeSpeedTrack Live
OOCEJOO-CEJCessna 525 Citation CJ1-50ft.90kts.

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