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Air Greenland Fleet List


Air Greenland Fleet List
Airline Name: Air Greenland
Active Fleet size: 32
Historic Fleet size: 13
Country: Denmark

Air Greenland Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
OY-GKN2020Airbus A330-800neoActive
OY-GRG504Bombardier DHC-8-200 Dash 8Active
OY-GRH488Bombardier DHC-8-200 Dash 8Active
OY-GRJ496Bombardier DHC-8-200 Dash 8Active
OY-GRK498Bombardier DHC-8-200 Dash 8Active
OY-GRM434Bombardier DHC-8-200 Dash 8Active
OY-GRO482Bombardier DHC-8-200 Dash 8Active
OY-GRP453Bombardier DHC-8-200 Dash 8Active
OY-GRR497Bombardier DHC-8-200 Dash 8Active
OY-HGO3919Eurocopter AS-350/550Active
OY-HGP4062Eurocopter AS-350/550Active
OY-HGS4226Eurocopter AS-350/550Active
OY-HGT4279Eurocopter AS-350/550Active
OY-HGV4469Eurocopter AS-350/550Active
OY-HJB6871Eurocopter EC-155Active
OY-HJJ6662Eurocopter EC-155Active
OY-HUA4661Eurocopter AS-350/550Active
OY-HUB4965Eurocopter AS-350/550Active
OY-HUD7152Eurocopter AS-350/550Active
OY-HUE7172Eurocopter AS-350/550Active
OY-HUN6759Eurocopter EC-155Active
OY-HUP6681Eurocopter EC-155Active
OY-HUR6842Eurocopter EC-155Active
OY-HUS6876Eurocopter EC-155Active
OY-HUT6837Eurocopter EC-155Active
OY-HUW2986Airbus Helicopters EC-225 Super Puma Mk2+Active
OY-HUZ2914Airbus Helicopters EC-225 Super Puma Mk2+Active
OY-HVH9443Airbus Helicopters AS-350/550Active
OY-HVI9460Airbus Helicopters AS-350/550Active
OY-HVJ9477Airbus Helicopters AS-350/550Active
OY-HVK9485Airbus Helicopters AS-350/550Active
OY-SHVBY-351Textron Aviation Beech 1300 CommuterActive

Air Greenland Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
N230AR230Airbus A330-200Inactive
OY-CBU20de Havilland Canada DHC-7 Dash 7Inactive
OY-GRE106de Havilland Canada DHC-7 Dash 7Inactive
OY-GRI477De Havilland Canada DHC-8-200 Dash 8Inactive
OY-GRL25620Boeing B757-200Inactive
OY-GRN230Airbus A330-200Inactive
OY-HAF61267Sikorsky HSS-2Inactive
OY-HAG61268Sikorsky HSS-2Inactive
OY-HCU31155Bell 212 Twin Two-TwelveInactive
OY-HCY31166Bell 212 Twin Two-TwelveInactive
OY-HGY30572Bell 212 Twin Two-TwelveInactive
OY-HUF61822Sikorsky HSS-2Inactive
TF-GRL25620Boeing B757-200Inactive

Photos of Air Greenland Fleet

OY-GRN, 17-May-2014
© Tobias Hottinger

OY-GRN, 24-Sep-2006
© Erik van der Eyken

OY-GRL, 11-Jun-2006
© Eric

OY-GRN, 19-May-2006
© Shaun Grist

OY-GRN, 20-May-2005
© Shaun Grist

Sightings of Air Greenland Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
OY-GRNA330-20024-04-2023Pinal Airpark
OY-GRGDHC-8-20021-09-2020St Johns Intl
OY-GRKDHC-8-20025-08-2019Keflavik International Airport
OY-GRNAirbus A330-22316-05-2016Zurich
OY-GRNAirbus A330-22316-05-2016Zurich
OY-GRNAirbus A330-22324-04-2016Zurich
OY-GRNAirbus A330-22330-06-2008Zurich
OY-GRNAirbus A330-22313-01-2008Munich
OY-GRNAirbus A33018-05-2007Kastrup

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Air Greenland Fleet Information

The airline Air Greenland is based in Denmark, currently the airline uses the callsign: GREENLAND and has an active fleet size of 32 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 13. Air Greenland flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Air Greenland / GL. We have been tracking Air Greenland since the airline launched.