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Air Cairo Fleet List


Air Cairo Fleet List
Airline Name: Air Cairo
Active Fleet size: 27
Historic Fleet size: 14
Country: Egypt

Air Cairo Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
SU-BPU2937Airbus A320-200Active
SU-BPV2966Airbus A320-200Active
SU-BPW3282Airbus A320-200Active
SU-BPX3323Airbus A320-200Active
SU-BTM4320Airbus A320-200Active
SU-BUJ8604Airbus A320-200Active
SU-BUK10152Airbus A320neoMisr Life Insurance (sticker)Active
SU-BUL8970Airbus A320neoMisr Life Insurance / 20 Years (stickers)Active
SU-BUM9056Airbus A320neoMisr Life Insurance / 20 Years (stickers) Active
SU-BUN10680Airbus A320neoMisr Life Insurance / 20 Years (stickers)Active
SU-BUP11302Airbus A320neoActive
SU-BUQ11307Airbus A320neoMisr Life Insurance (sticker)Active
SU-BUR11322Airbus A320neo20 Years (sticker)Active
SU-BUS11254Airbus A320neoMisr Life Insurance (sticker)Active
SU-BUT11205Airbus A320neo20 Years (sticker)Active
SU-BUT11205Airbus A320neoMisr Life Insurance (sticker)Active
SU-BUU4294Airbus A320-20020 Years (sticker) Active
SU-BUV4433Airbus A320-20020 Years (sticker) Active
SU-BUW4510Airbus A320-200Active
SU-BUX10791Airbus A320neo20 Years (sticker)Active
SU-BUY10837Airbus A320neoActive
SU-BUZ10803Airbus A320neoActive
SU-BVG19000775Embraer EMB-19020 Years (sticker)Active
SU-BVH19000776Embraer EMB-19020 Years (sticker) Active
SU-BVI19000774Embraer EMB-19020 Years (sticker)Active
SU-BVJ11218Airbus A320neo20 Years (sticker)Active
SU-BVK11106Airbus A320neo20 Years (sticker)Active
SU-GCD2094Airbus A320-200Active

Air Cairo Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
LZ-DCO11106Airbus A320neoInactive
LZ-DCP11218Airbus A320neoInactive
OE-IMS10803Airbus A320neoInactive
OY-YEA1156Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
SU-BSM3626Airbus A320-200Inactive
SU-BSN3840Airbus A320-200Inactive
SU-BTZ19000157Embraer EMB-195Inactive
SU-BVC1156Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-600Inactive
SU-GBV715Airbus A321-200Inactive
SU-GBW725Airbus A321-200Inactive
SU-GCL322Airbus A320-200Inactive
SU-SKC2589Airbus A320-200Inactive
VP-CZE9056Airbus A320neoInactive
VQ-BSZ3840Airbus A320-200Inactive

Photos of Air Cairo Fleet

SU-BUW, 19-Aug-2023
© Mark Lovett

SU-BUL, 20-Jun-2023
© Christopher Huth

SU-BUS, 17-May-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

SU-BUM, 16-May-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

SU-BUN, 26-Jul-2022
© Marcel Peters

SU-BUL, 20-Mar-2022
© Luke Jermy

SU-BPU, 26-Apr-2020
© Eric

SU-BPV, 26-Apr-2020
© Eric

SU-BTM, 11-Oct-2019
© Eckhardt Philipp

SU-BPX, 31-Mar-2019
© Tobias Rose

SU-BPW, 06-Oct-2018
© Luc Verkuringen

SU-BSM, 14-Jul-2018
© Christopher Huth

Sightings of Air Cairo Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
SU-BVQA320-20007-06-2024Frankfurt Main
SU-BUYA320neo02-06-2024Frankfurt Main
SU-BUXA320neo31-05-2024Frankfurt Main
SU-BPUA320-20021-04-2024Vaclav Havel Airport
SU-BUJA320-20017-04-2024Frankfurt Main
SU-BUNA320neo15-04-2024Frankfurt Main
SU-BVJA320neo01-03-2024Frankfurt Main
SU-BVAATR-72-60001-03-2024Hurghada Intl
SU-BULAirbus A320-251N15-02-2024Munich
SU-BVJA320neo30-12-2023Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt

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Air Cairo Fleet Information

The airline Air Cairo is based in Egypt, currently the airline uses the callsign: and has an active fleet size of 27 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 14. Air Cairo flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Air Cairo / . We have been tracking Air Cairo since the airline launched.