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Air Belgium Fleet List


Air Belgium Fleet List
Airline Name: Air Belgium
Active Fleet size: 10
Historic Fleet size: 29
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Air Belgium Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
OE-LAC1486Airbus A330-200Active
OE-LAJ717Airbus A330-200Hongyuan Group (sticker)Active
OE-LAL832Airbus A330-200Active
OE-LCL1521Airbus A330-200Active
OE-LFC37562Boeing B747-8Active
OE-LFD37563Boeing B747-8Active
OE-LFI60118Boeing B747-8Active
OO-ABF1844Airbus A330-900neoActive
OO-ABG1861Airbus A330-900neoActive
OO-SEA1594Airbus A330-200Active

Air Belgium Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
F-HMRBBoeing B777-200LRInactive
F-WTBE938Airbus A340-300Inactive
M-ABOV37562Boeing B747-8Inactive
M-ABOW37563Boeing B747-8Inactive
N7371820128Boeing B737-200Inactive
OH-BLJ55065Boeing B717-200Inactive
OH-BLN55053Boeing B717-200Inactive
OH-BLO55056Boeing B717-200Inactive
OH-BLP55064Boeing B717-200Inactive
OH-BLQ55067Boeing B717-200Inactive
OO-ABA835Airbus A340-300Inactive
OO-ABB21359Boeing B737-200Inactive
OO-ABB844Airbus A340-300Inactive
OO-ABD921Airbus A340-300Inactive
OO-ABE938Airbus A340-300Inactive
OO-AEY348Airbus A320-200Inactive
OO-AEZ349Airbus A320-200Inactive
OO-AIR1708Airbus A330-200Inactive
OO-CGM1584Airbus A330-200Inactive
OO-CMA1688Airbus A330-200Inactive
OO-ILF23401Boeing B737-300Inactive
OO-ILG23388Boeing B737-300Inactive
OO-ILH24234Boeing B737-400Inactive
OO-ILI24528Boeing B757-200Inactive
OO-ILJ25262Boeing B737-400Inactive
OO-ILK23766Boeing B737-300Inactive
OO-PLH20128Boeing B737-200Inactive
OO-RVM22453Boeing B737-200Inactive
OO-SBT21840Boeing B737-200Inactive

Photos of Air Belgium Fleet

OE-LFC, 04-Apr-2024
© Simon Fewkes-Ahearne

OE-LFD, 04-Apr-2024
© Simon Fewkes-Ahearne

OE-LAJ, 04-Apr-2024
© Simon Fewkes-Ahearne

OE-LCL, 11-Nov-2023

OE-LCL, 06-Nov-2023
© Luke Owen

OO-ABG, 15-Oct-2023

OE-LAL, 27-Sep-2023

OE-LAC, 24-Sep-2023
© Stijn Henderieckx

OE-LAL, 13-Sep-2023
© Richard Lewis Fuller

OO-ABG, 25-Aug-2023
© Sharanpal Gill

OE-LAC, 21-Aug-2023
© Erik van der Eyken

OE-LFD, 04-Jul-2023
© Richard Lewis Fuller

Sightings of Air Belgium Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
OE-LALA330-20009-06-2024Brussels Zaventem
OE-LFCB747-804-04-2024Brussels Zaventem
OE-LFDB747-804-04-2024Brussels Zaventem
OE-LAJA330-20004-04-2024Brussels Zaventem
OE-LFIB747-823-03-2024Cincinnati Northern Kentucky Intl
OE-LACA330-20007-01-2024Frankfurt Main
OE-LCLA330-20011-11-2023London Heathrow
OE-LCLA330-20007-11-2023London Heathrow
OE-LCLA330-20006-11-2023London Heathrow
OE-LCLA330-20006-11-2023London Heathrow

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Air Belgium Fleet Information

The airline Air Belgium is based in Democratic Republic of the Congo, currently the airline uses the callsign: AFRICAN BUSINESS and has an active fleet size of 10 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 29. Air Belgium flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of Air Belgium / . We have been tracking Air Belgium since the airline launched.