Airline Name: Aer Lingus
Active Fleet size: 62
Historic Fleet size: 86
Country: Ireland

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
EI-ABI6105de Havilland DH.84 Dragon Srs.IIUnknown Location
EI-CPE926Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
EI-CPG1023Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
EI-CPH1094Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
EI-CVA1242Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-CVB1394Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-CVC1443Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
EI-DAA397Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
EI-DEC2217Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
EI-DEE2250Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DEF2256Airbus A320-200At EINN (Shannon)
EI-DEG2272Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
EI-DEH2294Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DEI2374Airbus A320-200Irish Rugby TeamAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DEJ2364Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DEK2399Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DEL2409Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DEM2411Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DEN2432Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DEO2486Airbus A320-200Irish Rugby TeamAt EINN (Shannon)
EI-DEP2542Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DER2583Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DES2635Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DUO841Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
EI-DUZ847Airbus A330-300At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DVE3129Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DVG3318Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DVH3345Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DVI3501Airbus A320-200At EGAC (Belfast)
EI-DVJ3857Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
EI-DVK4572Airbus A320-200At EGAC (Belfast)
EI-DVL4678Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DVM4634Airbus A320-200Aer Lingus RetroAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-DVN4715Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-EAV985Airbus A330-300At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-EDP3781Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-EDS3755Airbus A320-200At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-EDY1025Airbus A330-300At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-EIK789Airbus A330-300Unknown Location
EI-EIL893Airbus A330-300At LFTW (Nimes/Garons)
EI-EIM1950Airbus A330-300At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-EIN1951Airbus A330-300At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-FNG1742Airbus A330-300At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-FNH1744Airbus A330-300At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-FNJ3174Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
EI-GAJ1791Airbus A330-300At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-GAL3789Airbus A320-200Flying as EIN5CP
EI-GAM3823Airbus A320-200At EINN (Shannon)
EI-GCF1817Airbus A330-300At EIDW (Dublin)
EI-GEY441Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
EI-LAX269Airbus A330-200Unknown Location
EI-LRA8887Airbus A321neoAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-LRB8909Airbus A321neoAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-LRC8965Airbus A321neoAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-LRD9187Airbus A321neoAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-LRE10245Airbus A321neoAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-LRF10264Airbus A321neoAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-LRG10291Airbus A321neoAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-LRH10319Airbus A321neoAt EIDW (Dublin)
EI-RJOE2352AVRO Avro RJ-85Unknown Location
N726WN27623Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
N751AL28167Boeing B757-200Unknown Location

EI-ASA19424Boeing B737-200
EI-ASB19425Boeing B737-200
EI-ASC20218Boeing B737-200
EI-ASD20219Boeing B737-200
EI-ASE20220Boeing B737-200
EI-ASF20221Boeing B737-200
EI-ASG20222Boeing B737-200
EI-ASH20223Boeing B737-200
EI-ASI19744Boeing B747-100
EI-ASJ19745Boeing B747-100
EI-ASK19947Boeing B737-200
EI-ASL21011Boeing B737-200
EI-BCR20276Boeing B737-200
EI-BDY21112Boeing B737-200
EI-BEB21714Boeing B737-200
EI-BEC21715Boeing B737-200
EI-BED19748Boeing B747-100
EI-BEE20413Boeing B737-200
EI-BUD23809Boeing B737-300
EI-BUE23810Boeing B737-300
EI-BXA24474Boeing B737-400
EI-BXB24521Boeing B737-400
EI-BXC24773Boeing B737-400
EI-BXD24866Boeing B737-400
EI-BXE24878Boeing B737-500
EI-BXF24919Boeing B737-500
EI-BXG24968Boeing B737-500
EI-BXH24989Boeing B737-500
EI-BXI25052Boeing B737-400
EI-BXK25736Boeing B737-400
EI-BXY22278Boeing B737-200
EI-CAL24952Boeing B767-300
EI-CAM24953Boeing B767-300
EI-CDA24878Boeing B737-500
EI-CDB24919Boeing B737-500
EI-CDC24968Boeing B737-500
EI-CDD24989Boeing B737-500
EI-CDE25115Boeing B737-500
EI-CDF25737Boeing B737-500
EI-CDG25738Boeing B737-500
EI-CDH25739Boeing B737-500
EI-CDS26287Boeing B737-500
EI-CDT25165Boeing B737-500
EI-CJX26160Boeing B757-200
EI-CNF25180Boeing B737-400
EI-COU24690Boeing B737-400
EI-CPC815Airbus A321-200
EI-CPD841Airbus A321-200
EI-CPF991Airbus A321-200
EI-CRC24124Boeing B737-400
EI-CRK70Airbus A330-300
EI-CVD1467Airbus A320-200
EI-CZV553Airbus A320-200
EI-CZW559Airbus A320-200
EI-DEA2191Airbus A320-200
EI-DEB2206Airbus A320-200
EI-DET2810Airbus A320-200
EI-DUB55Airbus A330-300
EI-DVF3136Airbus A320-200
EI-ELA1106Airbus A330-300
EI-EPR3169Airbus A319-100
EI-EPS3377Airbus A319-100
EI-EPT3054Airbus A319-100
EI-EPU3102Airbus A319-100
EI-EWR330Airbus A330-200
EI-EZV2001Airbus A320-200
EI-EZW1983Airbus A320-200
EI-FCC1229Airbus A320-200
EI-JFK86Airbus A330-300
EI-LBR28167Boeing B757-200
EI-LBS27623Boeing B757-200
EI-LBT28170Boeing B757-200
EI-ORD59Airbus A330-300
EI-RJDE2334AVRO Avro RJ-85
EI-RJFE2337AVRO Avro RJ-85
EI-RJIE2346AVRO Avro RJ-85
EI-RJNE2351AVRO Avro RJ-85
EI-RJZE2326AVRO Avro RJ-85
EI-SHN54Airbus A330-300
G-BAZI20808Boeing B737-200
G-BBAF1093Lockheed L 1011
I-DEME19730Boeing B747-100
N191AT1084Lockheed L 1011
N193AT1071Lockheed L 1011
N234AX30436Boeing B767-200
N272WA48437McDonnell Douglas MD-11

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