Airline Name: Aegean Airlines
Active Fleet size: 56
Historic Fleet size: 39
Country: Greece

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
G-XACS1856Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-BNR60-231Bombardier Learjet 60Unknown Location
SX-DGA3878Airbus A321-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DGB4165Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DGC4094Airbus (sticker)At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DGD4065Airbus A320-200visitgreece.grAt LGAV (Athens)
SX-DGE3990Airbus A320-200At LMML (Luqa)
SX-DGF2468Airbus A319-100At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DGJ3316Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DGK3748Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DGL3812Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DGN2828Airbus A320-200At LGRP (Rodes Island)
SX-DGO3519Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DGP3302Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
SX-DGQ3322Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
SX-DGR3484Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DGT1433Airbus A321-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DGX1996Airbus A320-200At EGFF (Cardiff)
SX-DGY6611Airbus A320-200At LCLK (Larnarca)
SX-DGZ6643Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DNA6655Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DNB6832Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DNC6961Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DND6989Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DNE7014Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DNF2553Airbus A321-200Flying as OAL352
SX-DNG2610Airbus A321-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DNH3546Airbus A321-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DVG3033Airbus A320-200Flying as OAL911
SX-DVH3066Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DVI3074Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DVJ3365Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DVK3392Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DVL3423Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DVM3439Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DVN3478Airbus A320-200At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
SX-DVO3462Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
SX-DVP3527Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
SX-DVQ3526Airbus A320-200Star AllianceUnknown Location
SX-DVR3714Airbus A320-200Unknown Location
SX-DVS3709Airbus A320-200At LGRP (Rodes Island)
SX-DVT3745Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DVV3773Airbus A320-200Acropolis MuseumAt LGAV (Athens)
SX-DVW3785Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DVX3829Airbus A320-200At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
SX-DVY3850Airbus A320-200At LGAV (Athens)
SX-DVZ3820Airbus A321-200Unknown Location
SX-NAA9553Airbus A321neoAt LGAV (Athens)
SX-NAB9575Airbus A321neoAt LGAV (Athens)
SX-NAC10189Airbus A321neoAt LGAV (Athens)
SX-NAD10305Airbus A321neoAt LGAV (Athens)
SX-NEA9497Airbus A320neoFlying as OAL3LK
SX-NEB9514Airbus A320neoAt LGAV (Athens)
SX-NEC9583Airbus A320neoUnknown Location
SX-NED10047Airbus A320neoAt LGAV (Athens)
SX-NEO9400Airbus A320neoAt LGAV (Athens)

LZ-MDA2732Airbus A320-200
PH-ISA532Avions de Transport Regional ATR-42-500
SX-BAO326Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
SX-BAP330Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
SX-BBT25011Boeing B737-300
SX-BBU25743Boeing B737-300
SX-BFK313Avions de Transport Regional ATR-72-200
SX-BGH23866Boeing B737-400
SX-BGJ25595Boeing B737-400
SX-BGK24679Boeing B737-300
SX-BGN28753Boeing B737-400
SX-BGQ25177Boeing B737-400
SX-BGR25063Boeing B737-400
SX-BGS26279Boeing B737-400
SX-BGV26308Boeing B737-400
SX-BGW29264Boeing B737-300
SX-BGX24124Boeing B737-400
SX-BGY29100Boeing B737-300
SX-BGZ29265Boeing B737-300
SX-BLM24813Boeing B737-400
SX-BTN28494Boeing B737-400
SX-BTO25033Boeing B737-300
SX-DGG1727Airbus A319-100
SX-DGH1880Airbus A319-100
SX-DGI3162Airbus A320-200
SX-DGS1428Airbus A321-200
SX-DGU2359Airbus A320-200
SX-DGV1856Airbus A320-200
SX-DGW1909Airbus A320-200
SX-DVU3753Airbus A320-200
SX-OAF3895Airbus A319-100
SX-OAI3162Airbus A320-200
SX-OAM3990Airbus A320-200
SX-OAN1727Airbus A319-100
SX-OAP4065Airbus A320-200
SX-OAQ3748Airbus A320-200
SX-OAR3812Airbus A320-200
SX-OAS4094Airbus A320-200
YL-LCI724Airbus A320-200

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