Airline Name: Avianca
Fleet size: 115

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
D-AAAM6294Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
D-AAAN1357Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
D-AAAV1378Airbus A330 343EUnknown Location
HK-49541092Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
HK-49551114Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
HK-49561116Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At SKBO (Bogota)
HK-49991126Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
HK-50001142Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
HK-50391124Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600At SKBO (Bogota)
HK-50401151Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
HK-50411160Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
HK-51091231Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
HK-53231199Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
HK-53241196Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
HR-AYM1185Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
N195AV5195Airbus A320 214Star AllianceAt SKBO (Bogota)
N279AV1279Airbus A330 243Star AllianceAt SKBO (Bogota)
N280AV1400Airbus A330 243Star AllianceAt SKBO (Bogota)
N281AV4281Airbus A320 214At SKVP (Valledupar)
N284AV4284Airbus A320 214Retro (100 Years)Unknown Location
N342AV1342Airbus A330 243Star AllianceUnknown Location
N345AV4345Airbus A320 214At SKBO (Bogota)
N398AV3988Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N401AV4001Airbus A320 214Flying as AVA9238
N411AV4011Airbus A320 214At SKBO (Bogota)
N416AV4167Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N422AV4200Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
N426AV4026Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N446AV4046Airbus A320 214At SKBO (Bogota)
N451AV4051Airbus A320 214Flying as AVA8432
N454AV5454Airbus A320 214Star AllianceUnknown Location
N477AV5477Airbus A320 214SLStar AllianceUnknown Location
N481AV4381Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N519AV5119Airbus A319 115Star AllianceAt KMCO (Orlando)
N536AV5360Airbus A320 214Star AllianceFlying as AVA9548
N538AV5398Airbus A320 214At SKBO (Bogota)
N557AV5057Airbus A319 115Flying as AVA8455
N562AV5622Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N567AV4567Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N589AV2575Airbus A318 111Unknown Location
N590EL2328Airbus A318 111Unknown Location
N591EL2333Airbus A318 111Unknown Location
N593EL2367Airbus A318 111Unknown Location
N595EL2394Airbus A318 111Unknown Location
N596EL2523Airbus A318 111Unknown Location
N597EL2544Airbus A318 111Unknown Location
N598EL2552Airbus A318 111Unknown Location
N603AV5840Airbus A320 233SLUnknown Location
N632AV5632Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N647AV3647Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
N664AV3664Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N688TA5243Airbus A320 214Star AllianceUnknown Location
N690AV5944Airbus A319 132SLAt KMIA (Miami)
N691AV3691Airbus A319 115Unknown Location
N692AV5936Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
N693AV6002Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
N694AV6068Airbus A319 132SLAt SKBO (Bogota)
N695AV6099Airbus A319 132SLUnknown Location
N696AV6138Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
N697AV6190Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
N723AV6167Airbus A319 115SLUnknown Location
N724AV6153Airbus A320 214SLAt SKBO (Bogota)
N725AV6219Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
N726AV6174Airbus A319 115SLUnknown Location
N728AV6209Airbus A320 214SLAt SKBO (Bogota)
N729AV6399Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
N730AV6132Airbus A319 132SLAt SKBO (Bogota)
N740AV6411Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N741AV6617Airbus A319 115SLUnknown Location
N742AV6692Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N743AV6739Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N744AV6767Airbus A321 211SLUnknown Location
N745AV6746Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N746AV6511Airbus A321 231SLAt SKBO (Bogota)
N747AV6861Airbus A321 231SLUnknown Location
N748AV6862Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N750AV7120Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N751AV7284Airbus A319 115SLAt SKBO (Bogota)
N753AV7318Airbus A319 115SLAt SKBO (Bogota)
N755AV7437Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N759AV7770Airbus A321 253NSLUnknown Location
N761AV7847Airbus A321 253NSLUnknown Location
N762AV8889Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
N763AV4763Airbus A320 214At SKBO (Bogota)
N764AV7887Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
N765AV7928Airbus A320 251NSLFlying as AVA210
N766AV8096Airbus A320 251NSLTerpel felicita a Avianca por sus 100 aƱosUnknown Location
N780AV37502Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N781AV37503Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N782AV37504Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N783AV37505Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N784AV37506Boeing 787 8At LEMD (Madrid)
N785AV37507Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N786AV37508Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N788AV8938Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
N791AV37509Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N792AV37510Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N793AV37511Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N794AV39406Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N795AV39407Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N796AV65315Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
N797AV43983Boeing 787 9Unknown Location
N818AV9041Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
N821AV4821Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N862AV4862Airbus A320 214At SKVP (Valledupar)
N939AV4939Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N961AV3961Airbus A320 214At SKBO (Bogota)
N968AV1009Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
N973AV1073Airbus A330 243At SKBO (Bogota)
N974AV1208Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
N975AV1224Airbus A330 243Unknown Location
N980AV3980Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N992AV3992Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
TG-TRC1167Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location
TG-TRD1174Avions de Transport Regional ATR 72 600Unknown Location


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