Airline Name: ASL Airlines Belgium
Active Fleet size: 39
Historic Fleet size: 24
Country: Belgium

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
EI-FDS28595Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
OE-IAB25147Boeing B737-400At LPPT (Lisbon)
OE-IAC29202Boeing B737-400Flying as TAY4023
OE-IAD29203Boeing B737-400At EFHK (Helsinki)
OE-IAE25105Boeing B737-400Unknown Location
OE-IAJ24440Boeing B737-400At EBLG (Liege)
OE-IAK25097Boeing B737-400At LFLL (Lyon)
OE-IAM28886Boeing B737-400At LMML (Luqa)
OE-IAP29206Boeing B737-400Flying as TAY4314
OE-IAQ29207Boeing B737-400Flying as TAY4586
OE-IAR29208Boeing B737-400At EPWA (Warsaw)
OE-IAT29210Boeing B737-400At EBLG (Liege)
OE-IAU29201Boeing B737-400At EBLG (Liege)
OE-IAY25110Boeing B737-400At LHBP (Budapest)
OE-IAZ25111Boeing B737-400At EBLG (Liege)
OE-IBI28892Boeing B737-400At EBLG (Liege)
OE-IBL28893Boeing B737-400At LIMC (Milan)
OE-IBO29270Boeing B737-400Flying as TAY4136
OE-IBW25109Boeing B737-400At LKTB (Brno)
OE-IFB33516Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
OE-IFD33945Boeing B747-400Flying as TAY815
OE-IFK36784Boeing B747-400At UNNT (Novosibirsk)
OE-IFM36785Boeing B747-400At EBLG (Liege)
OE-ILC30762Boeing B747-400Unknown Location
OE-IMC32580Boeing B737-800Flying as TAY4365
OE-IMD32610Boeing B737-800At LLBG (Tel Aviv)
OE-IWA33623Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
OE-IWB33595Boeing B737-800At LJLJ (Ljubljana)
OE-IWC33612Boeing B737-800At LFPG (Paris)
OE-IWD35550Boeing B737-800At LRTR (Timi?oara)
OE-IWE35552Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
OE-IWF35553Boeing B737-800Unknown Location
OE-IXA33604Boeing B737-800At LPPR (Porto)
OE-LFE25622Boeing B757-200At LTFJ (Istanbul)
OO-TFC25397Boeing B757-200Unknown Location
OO-TNN27131Boeing B737-400At EGPH (Edinburgh)
OO-TNO28881Boeing B737-400At LIRA (Roma)
OO-TNP27256Boeing B737-400At EBLG (Liege)
OO-TNQ29205Boeing B737-400At LEMD (Madrid)

D-CNMB45-024Bombardier Learjet 45
EC-FZEE2105Bae BAe-146-200
EC-HJHE2112Bae BAe-146-200
EI-DPB33603Boeing B737-800
EI-DPC33604Boeing B737-800
LZ-BRB24868Boeing B757-200
N757AS25622Boeing B757-200
N760BB28608Boeing B737-800
OE-IAG25168Boeing B737-400
OE-IAS29209Boeing B737-400
OE-IAX27632Boeing B737-400
OE-IWP27143Boeing B737-400
OE-LFB24868Boeing B757-200
OO-TFA25622Boeing B757-200
OO-THA35232Boeing B747-400
OO-THB35234Boeing B747-400
OO-TNL29109Boeing B737-300
OO-TSA38969Boeing B777-200LR
OO-TSB39286Boeing B777-200LR
OO-TSC37138Boeing B777-200LR
OY-JTI25052Boeing B737-400
OY-JTM27094Boeing B737-400
VQ-BHE36784Boeing B747-400
VQ-BIA36785Boeing B747-400

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