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ANA Wings Fleet List


ANA Wings Fleet List
Airline Name: ANA Wings
Active Fleet size: 24
Historic Fleet size: 32
Callsign:ALFA WING
Country: Japan

ANA Wings Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
JA460A4416Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA461A4430Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8ANA Future PromiseActive
JA462A4445Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA463A4558Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA464A4565Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA465A4571Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA841A4080Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA842A4082Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA843A4084Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA844A4091Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (sticker)Active
JA845A4096Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA846A4097Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (sticker)Active
JA847A4099Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA848A4102Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA850A4108Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (sticker)Active
JA851A4109Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA852A4131Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA853A4135Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA854A4151Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA855A4292Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA856A4335Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA857A4362Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA858A4385Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active
JA859A4401Bombardier DHC-8-400 Dash 8Active

ANA Wings Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
JA300K27434Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA301K27435Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA302K28990Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA303K28991Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA304K28992Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA305K28993Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA306K29794Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA307K29795Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA351K25189Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA352K26097Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA353K26104Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA354K26105Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA355K28129Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA356K28083Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA357K28131Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA358K28130Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA359K28128Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA801K565De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8Inactive
JA802K577De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8Inactive
JA803K583De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8Inactive
JA804K591De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8Inactive
JA805K592De Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8Inactive
JA819527433Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA819627966Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA840427381Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA841927430Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA850027431Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA850427432Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA859528461Boeing B737-500Inactive
JA859628462Boeing B737-500Inactive
N693UA28128Boeing B737-500Inactive
N969UA28461Boeing B737-500Inactive

Photos of ANA Wings Fleet

JA857A, 23-Jan-2024
© Tomo-Papa

JA848A, 19-Feb-2020
© John Haughian

JA848A, 30-Dec-2018
© Tomo-Papa

JA857A, 30-Dec-2018
© Tomo-Papa

JA357K, 30-Dec-2018
© Tomo-Papa

JA857A, 12-Mar-2018
© Tomo-Papa

JA8504, 12-Mar-2018
© Tomo-Papa

JA302K, 14-Oct-2017
© Tomo-Papa

JA307K, 02-May-2017
© Tomo-Papa

JA8404, 05-Mar-2016
© Tomo-Papa

JA359K, 25-Feb-2016
© Fitz-James

JA841A, 20-Sep-2014
© Tomo-Papa

Sightings of ANA Wings Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
JA842ADHC-8-400 Dash 808-03-2024Osaka Intl
JA841ADHC-8-400 Dash 807-03-2024Osaka Intl
JA845ADHC-8-400 Dash 806-02-2024Osaka Intl
JA461ADHC-8-400 Dash 802-02-2024Osaka Intl
JA843ADHC-8-400 Dash 828-01-2024Fukuoka
JA857ADHC-8-40023-01-2024Osaka Intl
JA857ADHC-8-400 Dash 807-01-2024Fukuoka
JA856ADHC-8-400 Dash 825-11-2023Fukuoka
JA462ADHC-8-400 Dash 818-11-2023Fukuoka
JA465ADHC-8-400 Dash 831-10-2023Fukuoka
JA844ADHC-8-400 Dash 831-10-2023Fukuoka
JA850ADHC-8-400 Dash 830-10-2023Fukuoka

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ANA Wings Fleet Information

The airline ANA Wings is based in Japan, currently the airline uses the callsign: ALFA WING and has an active fleet size of 24 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 32. ANA Wings flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of ANA Wings / EH. We have been tracking ANA Wings since the airline launched.