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AIS Airlines Fleet List


AIS Airlines Fleet List
Airline Name: AIS Airlines
Active Fleet size: 5
Historic Fleet size: 7
Country: Netherlands

AIS Airlines Active Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
PH-DCI916British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Active
PH-FCI854British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Active
PH-NCI844British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Active
PH-OCI846British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Active
PH-RCI848British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Active

AIS Airlines Historic Fleet

RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeStatus
LN-FAN864British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Inactive
LN-FAQ953British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Inactive
PH-BCI953British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Inactive
PH-CCI860British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Inactive
PH-HCI864British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Inactive
PH-ICI855British Aerospace Jetstream Super 31Inactive
PH-LCI718British Aerospace Jetstream 31Inactive

Photos of AIS Airlines Fleet

PH-FCI, 26-Jun-2022

PH-CCI, 05-Jun-2014
© Tobias Hottinger

Sightings of AIS Airlines Fleet

RegistrationAircraft TypeDate SeenLocation
PH-FCIJetstream Super 3123-10-2023Stockholm Arlanda
PH-FCIBritish Aerospace Jetstream 3226-06-2022Tallinn
PH-FCIJetstream Super 3119-06-2022Hamburg
PH-FCIBAe Jetstream 3220-06-2019Stockholm Arlanda
PH-HCIBAe Jetstream 3220-06-2019Stockholm Arlanda
PH-FCIBAe Jetstream 3226-09-2017Dyce
PH-CCIJetstream Super 3124-05-2017Stockholm Arlanda
PH-OCIJetstream Super 3124-05-2017Stockholm Arlanda
PH-RCIJetstream Super 3123-05-2017Stockholm Arlanda
PH-HCIJetstream Super 3123-05-2017Stockholm Arlanda

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AIS Airlines Fleet Information

The airline AIS Airlines is based in Netherlands, currently the airline uses the callsign: SPINNER and has an active fleet size of 5 aircraft, the airline has a historic fleet size of 7. AIS Airlines flies with the IATA and ICAO codes of AIS Airlines / . We have been tracking AIS Airlines since the airline launched.