Airline Name: Air India
Fleet size: 135

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
VT-ALF36305Boeing 777 237LRFlying as AIC109
VT-ALG36306Boeing 777 237LRAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ALH36307Boeing 777 237LRFlying as AIC176
VT-ALJ36308Boeing 777 337ERStar AllianceUnknown Location
VT-ALK36309Boeing 777 337ERAt KSFO (San Francisco)
VT-ALL36310Boeing 777 337ERUnknown Location
VT-ALM36311Boeing 777 337ERAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ALN36312Boeing 777 337ERCelebrating IndiaAt CYVR (Vancouver)
VT-ALO36313Boeing 777 337ERAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ALP36314Boeing 777 337ERUnknown Location
VT-ALQ36315Boeing 777 337ERAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ALR36316Boeing 777 337ERAt KJFK (New York)
VT-ALS36317Boeing 777 337ERAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ALT36318Boeing 777 337ERUnknown Location
VT-ALU36319Boeing 777 337ERAt CYYZ (Toronto)
VT-ALX36322Boeing 777 300ERAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ANA36273Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
VT-ANB36279Boeing 787 8Flying as AIC915
VT-ANC36274Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
VT-AND36278Boeing 787 8At RKSI (Seoul)
VT-ANE36280Boeing 787 8At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ANG36275Boeing 787 8At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ANH36276Boeing 787 8At VOMM (Chennai)
VT-ANI36277Boeing 787 8At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ANJ36281Boeing 787 8At EDDF (Frankfurt-am-Main)
VT-ANK36282Boeing 787 8At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ANL36283Boeing 787 8At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ANM36284Boeing 787 8At VOMM (Chennai)
VT-ANN36285Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
VT-ANO36286Boeing 787 8Flying as AIC130
VT-ANP36287Boeing 787 8Mahatma GandhiAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-ANQ36288Boeing 787 8Guru Nanak 550 Years CelebrationsUnknown Location
VT-ANR36289Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
VT-ANS36290Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
VT-ANT36291Boeing 787 8Unknown Location
VT-ANU36292Boeing 787 8Star AllianceUnknown Location
VT-ANV36293Boeing 787 8At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ANW36294Boeing 787 8At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-ANX36295Boeing 787 8At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-ANY36296Boeing 787 8At KEWR (Newark)
VT-ANZ36297Boeing 787 8At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-CID7475Airbus A320 251NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-CIE7526Airbus A320 251NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-CIF7638Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
VT-CIG7800Airbus A320 251NSLSubhas Chandra Bose 125th Anniversary of Birth (2022) (sticker)Unknown Location
VT-CIH8030Airbus A320 251NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-CIM8167Airbus A320 251NSLFlying as AIC577
VT-CIN8202Airbus A320 251NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-CIO8226Airbus A320 251NSLMahatma Gandhi (sticker)Unknown Location
VT-CIP8225Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
VT-CIQ8267Airbus A320 251NSLFlying as AIC951
VT-EDC4201Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
VT-EDD4212Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
VT-EDE4236Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
VT-EDF4237Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
VT-EPF49Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-EPG50Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-EPJ57Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-ESB398Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-ESC416Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-ESD423Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-ESE431Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-ESF432Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-ESI486Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-ESJ490Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-ESL499Airbus A320 231Unknown Location
VT-ESO27165Boeing 747 437Unknown Location
VT-ESP27214Boeing 747 437Unknown Location
VT-EVA28094Boeing 747 437At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-EVB28095Boeing 747 437Unknown Location
VT-EXA6446Airbus A320 214SLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-EXB6690Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
VT-EXC6715Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
VT-EXD6724Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
VT-EXE6803Airbus A320 214SLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-EXF7459Airbus A320 251NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-EXG7568Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
VT-EXH7764Airbus A320 251NSLFlying as AIC1106
VT-EXI7776Airbus A320 251NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-EXJ7965Airbus A320 251NSLFlying as AIC728
VT-EXK7930Airbus A320 251NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-EXL7997Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
VT-EXM8056Airbus A320 251NSLAt VOMM (Chennai)
VT-EXN8486Airbus A320 251NSLFlying as AIC416
VT-EXO8470Airbus A320 251NSLStar AllianceAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-EXP8682Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
VT-EXQ8770Airbus A320 251NSLAt VABB (Mumbai)
VT-EXR8917Airbus A320 251NSLAt VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-EXS8862Airbus A320 251NSLAt VECC (Kolkata)
VT-EXT7559Airbus A320 251NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-EXU7616Airbus A320 251NSLAt VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-EXV7662Airbus A320 251NSLUnknown Location
VT-NAA36298Boeing 787 8At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-NAC36299Boeing 787 8At KIAD (Washington)
VT-PPA3130Airbus A321 211Flying as AIC685
VT-PPB3146Airbus A321 211At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-PPD3212Airbus A321 211At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-PPE3326Airbus A321 211Flying as AIC545
VT-PPF3340Airbus A321 211150 Years of Celebrating The MahatmaUnknown Location
VT-PPG3367Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPH3498Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPI3557Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPJ3573Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPK3619Airbus A321 211At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-PPL3752Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPM3792Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPN3955Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPO4002Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPQ4009Airbus A321 211At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-PPT4078Airbus A321 211At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-PPU4096Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPV4138Airbus A321 211Unknown Location
VT-PPW4155Airbus A321 211At VIDP (New Delhi)
VT-PPX4280Airbus A321 211At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-SCB2624Airbus A319 112At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-SCC2629Airbus A319 112At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-SCF2907Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCG3271Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCH3288Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCI3300Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCJ3305Airbus A319 112Flying as AIC437
VT-SCK3344Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCL3551Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCM3620Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCN3687Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCO3822Airbus A319 112At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-SCP3874Airbus A319 112At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-SCQ3918Airbus A319 112At VECC (Kolkata)
VT-SCR3970Airbus A319 112At VOBL (Bangalore)
VT-SCS4020Airbus A319 112At VABB (Mumbai)
VT-SCT4029Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCU4052Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCV4089Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCW4121Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
VT-SCX4164Airbus A319 112Unknown Location


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AIC915VT-ANBB787-8 Dreamliner39975ft.409kts.
AIC130VT-ANOB787-8 Dreamliner37000ft.503kts.

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