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Name: Angara Airlines
Fleet size: 20

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RA-022621G238-39Antonov An-2Unknown Location
RA-2287598415757Mil Mi-8 TUnknown Location
RA-2287798415795Mil Mi-8 TUnknown Location
RA-2419298943711Mil Mi-8 TUnknown Location
RA-265116808Antonov An-26 B-100Unknown Location
RA-265432709Antonov An-26Unknown Location
RA-4662537308804Antonov An-24 RVUnknown Location
RA-4666247309410Antonov An-24 RVUnknown Location
RA-4667947309701Antonov An-24 RVUnknown Location
RA-4669747309908Antonov An-24 RVUnknown Location
RA-4671257310408Antonov An-24 RVUnknown Location
RA-4735567310604Antonov An-24 RVUnknown Location
RA-4781817307107Antonov An-24 RVUnknown Location
RA-4784817307410Antonov An-24 BUnknown Location
RA-6170927015041009Antonov An-148 100EAt UIII (Irkutsk)
RA-6171027015041010Antonov An-148 100EAt UIII (Irkutsk)
RA-6171127015041011Antonov An-148 100EAt UIII (Irkutsk)
RA-6171327015041013Antonov An-148 100Unknown Location
RA-6171427015042014Antonov An-148 100Unknown Location
RA-847471G202-05Antonov An-2 RUnknown Location


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