Airline Name: ABX Air
Active Fleet size: 21
Historic Fleet size: 116
Country:United States

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RegistrationSerialAircraft TypeLiveryStatus
N219CY24358Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N220CY24729Boeing B767-300At KTPA (Tampa)
N226CY26544Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N312AA22315Boeing B767-200At TJSJ (San Juan)
N317CM24317Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N362CM24316Boeing B767-300At KMIA (Miami)
N364CM24531Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N371CM25577Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N372CM25575Boeing B767-300Unknown Location
N740AX22213Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
N744AX22221Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
N749AX22226Boeing B767-200At KCVG (Cincinnati)
N750AX22227Boeing B767-200Flying as ABX3176
N752AX23434Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
N767AX22785Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
N768AX22786Boeing B767-200Airborne Express RetroAt KABE (Allentown)
N774AX22789Boeing B767-200Flying as ABX3141
N783AX23016Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
N792AX23142Boeing B767-200Unknown Location
N795AX23145Boeing B767-200At KSFO (San Francisco)
N797AX23147Boeing B767-200Flying as ABX7352

B-255123307Boeing B767-200
N105DA22217Boeing B767-200
N109DL22221Boeing B767-200
N110DL22222Boeing B767-200
N111DN22223Boeing B767-200
N112DL22224Boeing B767-200
N113DA22225Boeing B767-200
N115DA22227Boeing B767-200
N315AA22317Boeing B767-200
N363CM24853Boeing B767-300
N365CM27212Boeing B767-300
N702AX22566Boeing B767-200
N707AX22570Boeing B767-200
N708AX22571Boeing B767-200
N709AX22572Boeing B767-200
N712AX23307Boeing B767-200
N713AX23058Boeing B767-200
N714AX22314Boeing B767-200
N739AX22216Boeing B767-200
N741AX22215Boeing B767-200
N742AX22217Boeing B767-200
N743AX22218Boeing B767-200
N745AX22222Boeing B767-200
N746AX22223Boeing B767-200
N747AX22224Boeing B767-200
N748AX22225Boeing B767-200
N769AX22787Boeing B767-200
N773AX22788Boeing B767-200
N775AX22790Boeing B767-200
N784AX23017Boeing B767-200
N785AX23018Boeing B767-200
N786AX23019Boeing B767-200
N787AX23020Boeing B767-200
N788AX23021Boeing B767-200
N789AX23022Boeing B767-200
N790AX23140Boeing B767-200
N791AX23141Boeing B767-200
N793AX23143Boeing B767-200
N794AX23144Boeing B767-200
N796AX23146Boeing B767-200
N798AX23431Boeing B767-200
N799AX23432Boeing B767-200
N900AX47380Douglas DC-9-30
N901AX47381Douglas DC-9-30
N902AX47426Douglas DC-9-30
N903AX47427Douglas DC-9-30
N904AX47040Douglas DC-9-30
N905AX47147Douglas DC-9-30
N906AX47072Douglas DC-9-30
N907AX47203Douglas DC-9-30
N908AX47008Douglas DC-9-30
N909AX47148Douglas DC-9-30
N923AX47165Douglas DC-9-30
N924AX47403Douglas DC-9-30
N925AX45728Douglas DC-9-10
N927AX45717Douglas DC-9-10
N928AX47392Douglas DC-9-30
N929AX45874Douglas DC-9-30
N930AX47363Douglas DC-9-30
N931AX47384Douglas DC-9-30
N932AX47465Douglas DC-9 33CF
N933AX47291Douglas DC-9-30
N934AX47462Douglas DC-9-30
N935AX47413Douglas DC-9-30
N936AX47269Douglas DC-9-30
N937AX47074Douglas DC-9-30
N938AX47009Douglas DC-9-30
N939AX47201Douglas DC-9-30
N941AX47419Douglas DC-9-30
N942AX47552Douglas DC-9-30
N943AX47528Douglas DC-9-30
N944AX47550Douglas DC-9-30
N945AX47551Douglas DC-9-30
N946AX47003Douglas DC-9-30
N947AX47004Douglas DC-9-30
N948AX47065Douglas DC-9-30
N949AX47325Douglas DC-9-30
N951AX47616Douglas DC-9 41
N952AX47615Douglas DC-9 41
N953AX47608Douglas DC-9 41
N954AX47612Douglas DC-9 41
N955AX47619Douglas DC-9 41
N956AX47620Douglas DC-9 41
N957AX47759Douglas DC-9 41
N958AX47760Douglas DC-9 41
N959AX47761Douglas DC-9 41
N960AX47762Douglas DC-9 41
N962AX47768Douglas DC-9 41
N963AX47780Douglas DC-9 41
N964AX47781Douglas DC-9 41
N965AX47498Douglas DC-9 41
N966AX47510Douglas DC-9 41
N967AX47509Douglas DC-9 41
N968AX47499Douglas DC-9 41
N969AX47464Douglas DC-9 41
N970AX47494Douglas DC-9 41
N971AX47497Douglas DC-9 41
N972AX47631Douglas DC-9 41
N973AX47511Douglas DC-9 41
N974AX47623Douglas DC-9 41
N975AX47512Douglas DC-9 41
N976AX47596Douglas DC-9 41
N977AX47513Douglas DC-9 41
N978AX47628Douglas DC-9 41
N979AX47492Douglas DC-9 41
N980AX47176Douglas DC-9-30
N981AX47273Douglas DC-9-30
N982AX47317Douglas DC-9-30
N983AX47257Douglas DC-9-30
N984AX47258Douglas DC-9-30
N985AX47522Douglas DC-9-30
N986AX47543Douglas DC-9-30
N987AX47364Douglas DC-9-30
N988AX47084Douglas DC-9-30
N989AX47314Douglas DC-9-30
N990AX47493Douglas DC-9 41

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