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Name: Allegiant Air
Fleet size: 112

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EI-DEB2206Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N215NV1292Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N216NV1318Airbus A320 214At KTYS (Knoxville)
N217NV1347Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N218NV1229Airbus A320 214Make-A-Wish FoundationAt KSFB (Orlando)
N219NV1255Airbus A320 214At KTYS (Knoxville)
N220NV1262Airbus A320 214At KPIE (St Petersburg-Clearwater)
N221NV1288Airbus A320 214At KTYS (Knoxville)
N222NV1530Airbus A320 214At KSRQ (Sarasota/Bradenton)
N223NV1540Airbus A320 214At KABE (Allentown)
N224NV1694Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N225NV706Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N226NV745Airbus A320 214At KBNA (Nashville)
N227NV714Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N228NV716Airbus A320 214Visit FloridaUnknown Location
N229NV730Airbus A320 214Flying as AAY2017
N230NV1372Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N231NV1171Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N232NV1210Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N233NV2001Airbus A320 214At KIND (Indianapolis)
N234NV1467Airbus A320 214At KBNA (Nashville)
N235NV1130Airbus A320 214At KSRQ (Sarasota/Bradenton)
N236NV2106Airbus A320 214At KPGD (Punta Gorda)
N237NV2116Airbus A320 214Flying as AAY523
N238NV2133Airbus A320 214At KCVG (Cincinnati)
N239NV2144Airbus A320 214At KIND (Indianapolis)
N240NV1208Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N241NV1221Airbus A320 214At KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N242NV1396Airbus A320 214At KFLL (Fort Lauderdale)
N243NV1461Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N244NV1430Airbus A320 214At KPIE (St Petersburg-Clearwater)
N245NV1550Airbus A320 214Flying as AAY1753
N246NV7664Airbus A320 214SLAt KPIE (St Petersburg-Clearwater)
N247NV7704Airbus A320 214SLFlying as AAY634
N248NV7781Airbus A320 214SLAt KPGD (Punta Gorda)
N249NV7766Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N250NV7743Airbus A320 214SLAt KPIE (St Petersburg-Clearwater)
N251NV7838Airbus A320 214SLAt KSRQ (Sarasota/Bradenton)
N252NV7868Airbus A320 214SLUnknown Location
N253NV7900Airbus A320 214SLAt KTPA (Tampa)
N254NV7913Airbus A320 214SLAt KPGD (Punta Gorda)
N255NV7989Airbus A320 214SLAt KGRR (Grand Rapids)
N256NV8220Airbus A320 214SLFlying as AAY2425
N257NV8329Airbus A320 214SLAt KCVG (Cincinnati)
N258NV4015Airbus A320 214At KGRR (Grand Rapids)
N259NV4057Airbus A320 214At KCVG (Cincinnati)
N260NV4104Airbus A320 214At KPIE (St Petersburg-Clearwater)
N261NV4115Airbus A320 214At KPGD (Punta Gorda)
N262NV4122Airbus A320 214At KSFB (Orlando)
N271NV2932Airbus A320 214Winter the DolphinFlying as AAY681
N272NV2995Airbus A320 214Flying as AAY87
N273NV3076Airbus A320 214Flying as AAY509
N274NV3079Airbus A320 214At KLAS (Las Vegas)
N275NV2807Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N276NV8671Airbus A320 214SLAt MROC (San Jose)
N277NV3205Airbus A320 214Flying as AAY592
N279NV5250Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N280NV5320Airbus A320 214At KPIE (St Petersburg-Clearwater)
N281NV5381Airbus A320 214At KLAS (Las Vegas)
N282NV2875Airbus A320 214At KCLW (Clearwater)
N283NV2920Airbus A320 214At KABE (Allentown)
N284NV5045Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N285NV5067Airbus A320 214At KPIE (St Petersburg-Clearwater)
N286NV4447Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N287NV4508Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N290NV2191Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N292NV4891Airbus A320 214Flying as AAY608
N293NV4913Airbus A320 214Unknown Location
N294NV4941Airbus A320 214At KCVG (Cincinnati)
N295NV4942Airbus A320 214At KPGD (Punta Gorda)
N301NV2319Airbus A319 112At KSFB (Orlando)
N302NV2387Airbus A319 112Vegas Golden Knights NHL TeamUnknown Location
N303NV2271Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
N304NV2265Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
N305NV2398Airbus A319 112At KSFB (Orlando)
N306NV2420Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
N307NV2427Airbus A319 112At KBLI (Bellingham)
N308NV2450Airbus A319 112Flying as AAY186
N309NV3084Airbus A319 111Flying as AAY2458
N310NV2224Airbus A319 112Flying as AAY56
N311NV2702Airbus A319 111At KSFB (Orlando)
N312NV2289Airbus A319 111Flying as AAY35
N313NV2300Airbus A319 111At KVPS (Valparaiso)
N314NV2360Airbus A319 111At KLAS (Las Vegas)
N315NV2412Airbus A319 111At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N316NV2481Airbus A319 111At KSFB (Orlando)
N317NV2477Airbus A319 111Flying as AAY27
N318NV2492Airbus A319 111At KBLI (Bellingham)
N319NV2503Airbus A319 111At KGRR (Grand Rapids)
N320NV2514Airbus A319 111At KSFB (Orlando)
N321NV2527Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
N322NV2528Airbus A319 111At KLAX (Los Angeles)
N323NV2538Airbus A319 111At KSFB (Orlando)
N324NV2709Airbus A319 112Unknown Location
N325NV2729Airbus A319 112At KSFB (Orlando)
N326NV2586Airbus A319 111At KSFB (Orlando)
N327NV2556Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
N328NV2821Airbus A319 111At KLAS (Las Vegas)
N329NV2876Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
N330NV2786Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
N331NV2625Airbus A319 111At KPGD (Punta Gorda)
N332NV2638Airbus A319 111At KLAS (Las Vegas)
N333NV2790Airbus A319 111At KSFB (Orlando)
N334NV2831Airbus A319 111At KCVG (Cincinnati)
N335NV2852Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
N336NV2176Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
N337NV2170Airbus A319 111Unknown Location
N338NV2378Airbus A319 111At KSFB (Orlando)
N402NV49763McDonnell Douglas DC-9 88Unknown Location
N414NV49766McDonnell Douglas DC-9 88Unknown Location
N809TR53469McDonnell Douglas DC-9 82Unknown Location
N864GA49912McDonnell Douglas DC-9 82Unknown Location


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