Embraer EMB-314 Super Tucano

Total Produced: 26
Active: 19
Inactive: 7
% still in service: 73%

314000085905EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoBrazilian Air ForceActive
314000265922EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoBrazilian Air ForceActive
314000275923EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoBrazilian Air ForceActive
314000435938EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoBrazilian Air ForceActive
314000455939EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoBrazilian Air ForceActive
31400082N29USEmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoPrivateActive
314001025729EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoBrazilian Air ForceActive
31400126451EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoChilean Air ForceActive
31400127452EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoChilean Air ForceActive
31400128453EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoChilean Air ForceActive
31400129454EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoChilean Air ForceActive
31400130455EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoChilean Air ForceActive
31400131456EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoChilean Air ForceActive
31400132457EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoChilean Air ForceActive
31400133458EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoChilean Air ForceActive
3140020113-2001EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoAfghan Air ForceInactive
3140020213-2002EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoAfghan Air ForceInactive
3140021913-2019EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoAfghan Air ForceActive
3140022013-2020EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoAfghan Air ForceInactive
31400225L-714EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoLebanese Air ForceActive
31400226L-715EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoLebanese Air ForceActive
31400232PT-ZTUEmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoEmbraerActive
3140024217-2029EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoAfghan Air ForceInactive
3140024317-2030EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoAfghan Air ForceInactive
3140024417-2031EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoAfghan Air ForceInactive
3140024517-2032EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoAfghan Air ForceInactive

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DateAirlineTypeMSNRegistrationLocationSpotted by
20 Jul 2019EmbraerEMB-314 Super TucanoPT-ZTURAF FairfordEmrys Davie

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