Our Partners

We work with a number of aviation based organisations to provide accurate and effective aviation data for their needs, this page outlines some of our current partners. We are always looking to partner with other companies and organisations so please get in contact with us if you are interested in finding out more.


SpottingLog is a new web based application to keep aircraft spotting logs and photos in one place. Their simple to use software allows spotters to store trips, aircraft sightings and photos, print trip reports and view other spotters aircraft sightings. We provide up to date aircraft information, including type, operator and recent flights. We also provide data for each airport, showing each aircraft currently there. Our simple to access feed meant it was easy for them to implement our data, and each user benefits by having forms and pages automatically filled out for them when inputting a new ‘sighting’. In return, SpottingLog provide up-to-date aircraft photos.

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Bristol Airport Spotting is one of the most popular and recognised websites and groups dedicated to providing the best information, news and events related to spotting aircraft at Bristol Airport. Their website is full of the necessary information that will provide spotters with a positive spotting experience at Bristol Airport, and a place to share photos and videos. We have built on this by providing them with a suite of data related to the airport, including weather, arrival logs, departure logs and aircraft currently at the airport. All pages have links back to our site where users can find out more about different aircraft.

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AussieADSB is a new website based in Australia, dedicated to providing flight tracking and ADSB aircraft data in the Australasia region. Their website allows users with the required flight tracking equipment to connect to their server and provide data if they are in the region. Fresh Aviation Data assists AussieADSB by providing airport data in the form of a JSON API, with the most recent addition being the ability to view aircraft at any Australian airport, providing receivers are in range. This allows 24/7 up to date information for aircraft in the country, including general aviation and military. AussieADSB returns live tracking data to Fresh Aviation Data which improves our coverage in this region.

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Spotter.Koeln (Spotter.Cologne) is a spotting website dedicated for spotting at Germany's 8th busiest airport, Cologne-Bonn. We provide accurate arrivals and departures history for up to 3 weeks of movements and up to date On Ground information showing which aircraft are currently at the airport. The data is displayed by using the easy-to-use widgets. Having Fresh Aviation Data as a partner has been a benefit to the website thanks to our extensive cargo aircraft tracking which is not available on most websites, of which Cologne handled 863,410t in 2020. Spotter.Koeln also provides spotting guides to many other airports. We aim to extend our partnership to SpottingLog where the community can record their aircraft sightings.

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Our Live Flight Feeders

Our system is reliant entirely on a community effort to bring the very best of ADSB data into one place. Without the feeders below we would not be where we are today, so we extend our thanks to them for making this possible. Make sure to support them by visiting their own websites.

If you are interested in providing us with live flight data, please contact us. We can accept data in a number of formats and you will get access to our data. Alternatively, you can feed to ADSBhub or the Opensky Network, where your data will be picked up by our system automatically.

NameMain CountryWebsiteNumber of live aircraft% of total live aircraft (3583)
Opensky Network   Worldwidehttps://opensky-network.org/network/explorer183551.21%
ADSBHub   Worldwidehttps://www.adsbhub.org/coverage.php157343.9%
AussieADSB   Australiahttp://aussieadsb.com/VirtualRadar/desktop.html1283.57%
Voronezh VRS   Russiahttp://vrs.mib.vrn.ru:8080/VirtualRadar/desktop.html330.92%
TrackADSB   Francehttp://trackadsb.com/VirtualRadar/desktop.html140.39%

If your feeder is not listed above, it may mean there are currently no aircraft in your reciever range, or those that are within range are covered by other feeders. Check back shortly and your feeder should reappear. If you believe something is wrong, please contact us.

Our Partners

Discover some of the great aviation based partners that we work with and how they are benefiting from the comprehensive data provided by Fresh Aviation Data.

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